BRICS Summit 2024: Will European Nations Attend?

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The annual BRICS Summit is slated for later this year, likely during the latter half of the summer as it was last year. The summit sees the group’s nations, interested parties, and members of the New Development Bank all meet together to discuss certain initiatives. This year, expansion and de-dollarization are expected to be the main topics of discussion. However, will any countries in Europe decide to attend the BRICS summit?

With more nations than ever interested in the bloc, BRICS is even earning attention from European countries. Let’s explore if any countries from the continent make the trip to Russia and attend the summit this year.

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Will Any European Nations Attend This Year’s BRICS Summit?

With more nations than ever interested in the bloc, BRICS is even earning attention from countries in Europe. Will any attend the summit?
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BRICS has been keen on expansion in the past year, inducting new member countries at the start of 2024. The bloc is expected to send formal invites to more nations later this year, looking to expand global reach. Looking to make its first footsteps in Europe, BRICS has reportedly invited its first European nation to the bloc, Serbia.

On March 29, reports came out that BRICS invited Serbia to its next summit in Russia later this year. Since it hasn’t received a formal invitation to join the EU, Serbia may instead side with the growing alliance. A step into Europe would be monstrous for them.

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Furthermore, as the alliance continues to battle the West in ditching the US dollar and creating a new world order, expanding into Europe will push the line closer to the West. Serbia joining the bloc would be beneficial for not only Serbia but the future of BRICS.

It is unlikely that we will see any other countries in Western Europe receive any invites to attend the summit, let alone join BRICS. Furthermore, with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, not many Eastern European countries may have an interest in joining an economic powerhouse that Russia is involved in. However, Serbia is a step in the right direction for BRICS’ war with the West.