Bridging the Gap between Gaming & Crypto – Ben Todar’s Moon Nation


Moon Nation is a robust space-based game that is leveraging the benefits of crypto technology. It is built on Binance Smart Chain, one of the best blockchain networks designed for hosting smart contract-based applications. Additionally, it runs on a token described as an ideal example of a utility token. Its overall design is bridging the gap between gaming and crypto technology. 

(Photo : Ben Todar)

What is Moon Nation?

Moon Nation is a space-based game inspired by the growing interest and curiosity in space. The role-playing game gives players a virtual platform from where they can explore outer space. The game is powered by top-of-the-line graphics, offering crystal-clear and detailed graphics to make the experience more realistic. 

Players need Moon Nation Gaming ($MNG) tokens to play. Players exchange these tokens for passports. The tokens also function as a currency that players can use to buy accessories and unlock features on the platform. 

By using blockchain technology and crypto-based tokens, Moon Nation exemplifies the effort to bridge the gap between gaming and crypto technology. Binance Smart Chain has proven itself as a reliable platform for smart contract-based applications. Additionally, experts have described $MNG as an ideal firm utility token for rewards, marketing, liquidity tax, and more. 

Ben Todar – Moon Nation’s Brainchild 

Ben Todar is the brain behind the idea and creation of the $MNG token. He is aiming to inspire more confidence in his utility token. 

Ben has plenty of experience in the crypto industry and in business. He is a learned crypto trader with a solid background in over-the-counter stock trading. He credits his success in the venture on his ability to read the markets. 

Ben’s experience in business started in school. He holds a degree in International Marketing from the London School of Economics and Political Science. One of his first ventures was a takeaway restaurant whose success earned it the Best Takeaway in the UK award. He has since led many ventures to success. 

However, Moon Nation Gaming is Ben’s most notable venture. The company has a plan dubbed Moon Nation Bridge, whose main goal is to develop effective solutions to bridge the gap between gaming and crypto technology. 

Moon Nation is the largest and best in its category, attesting to the efficacy of blockchain technology for running games. Additionally, the $MNG token works flawlessly and has earned recognition the industry’s leading experts. 

To this end, Ben is seeking a complete audit of the $MNG token and smart contract from experienced blockchain developers at TechRate. TechRate has confirmed that the token has a robust technical design that offers longevity and reliability. Additionally, Ben and his team of developers are working towards improving the game’s and token’s quality and utility, further advancing the progress made thus far. 


Moon Nation is an ideal example of the increasing integration between gaming and crypto technologies. Moon Nation tokens are reliable utility tokens that players can use to unlock features in the game. Additionally, the blockchain network on which the game is built offers an excellent user experience.