Buy Bitcoin Sign Sells for $1 Million At Auction


The “Buy Bitcoin” sign shown behind Janet Yellen at a congressional testimony in 2017 has sold for $1 Million at auction. The iconic sign sold for 16 BTC, or just over $1 million.

Scarce.City, the auction house that finalized the deal, said it was a record amount for the auction platform. The auction was held at PubKey, a Bitcoin-themed bar in New York City. According to Pubkey, the “Buy Bitcoin” a man named Justin, who goes by the handle Squirrekkywrath online, now is the owner of the sign.

Proceeds from the auction will go to fund a Bitcoin layer-2 startup called Tirrel Corp. The startup is owned by Christian Langalis, the original holder of the sign in that famous picture.

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After holding up the sign during a House Financial Services hearing, Langalis was escorted out of the building for violating committee rules. However, he had done his job, as the image was going viral on the web and the hype around Bitcoin grew.