Café in Iran Gives 5% Bitcoin Back on Purchases


There has never been a crypto community as fascinating as that of Bitcoin. 

The community has been dynamic and consistent since early 2009. And with projects like the Declaration of Monetary Independence, the community has demonstrated its sheer will in clearing the pathways for Bitcoin while communicating an agenda that will remain forever in the books of history.

While a good number of the community members are using Twitter and mainstream media to promote the use of Bitcoin actively, a Café in Iran has gone a step further with the following creative initiative.

Café in Iran: More than a Meal

The café in Iran’s capital city, Tehran, has decided to give its customers a 5% Satoshi token as a reward for every purchase made in its establishment.

To those who are not familiar with Satoshi, it is the smallest unit of a Bitcoin. With a ratio of 100 million satoshis to one bitcoin, according to Coindesk.

This move has generated much excitement, given that the purchases in focus are made using the country’s local currency. And the Satoshi coins are not billed on the customers as another purchase. 

 Raya Café is the name of the establishment. And it is located in the city center on North Kheramand Street.


Source: Café Raya Gallery

The third-generation cafe carries out its operations using the dine-in and takeaway model of the service industry. And it is famous for its delicious coffee and extensive food menu. 

Online and phone reservations for work and individual events are also available. 

In a recent video on YouTube, an anonymous customer shares how he received his 640 Satoshi after making a payment. 

The Process

Firstly, to access this after-sale utility, a customer is required to install a lightning wallet. Which in this case, the zero-configuration blue wallet lightning for Android or IOS is recommended.

Once one you create the Lightning Wallet, they will navigate to their wallet’s QR code and scan it to receive your coins. A process that is effortless and educative.

The beauty of this entire process is that a customer receives a meal, a bit of knowledge on crypto, and a few coins to their name. And the café retains a database for its number of customers interested in the Bitcoin service for future planning. 

Bitcoin Archive, a trusted insight and commentary platform, put out the following tweet to confirm the news.

Source: Twitter

Lastly, it is believed that stories of the likes of El Salvador; a democracy running its local economy on Bitcoin, serve as an inspiration to such establishments.


Well, could this be the latest and boldest Bitcoin move by any organization? Yes

Could it be the last? Probably not.

While it might take more than a few coin giveaways or tweets to turn cryptocurrency into a global phenomenon, Bitcoin, as the forerunner, is close to making this a reality with the help of its dedicated community.