Can I get Acorn TV on Netflix?

Can I get Acorn TV on Netflix?

Your Guide: Can I get Acorn TV on Netflix?

Do you consider yourself an avid TV fan? If so, you have probably streamed many TV shows on different platforms.

Are you a fan of various quirky British murder mysteries, too? If so, you’ve probably heard of another platform called Acorn TV. It’s a large platform that people have fallen in love with because of its quirky, high-quality British and international TV shows.

Many ask, “Can I get Acorn TV on Netflix?” Today, we’re going to answer that question. Keep reading to find out more.

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Can I get Acorn TV on Netflix?

What is Acorn TV?

First, let’s touch base on some basic information for those of us who don’t know what Acorn TV is. Acorn TV is similar to Netflix in that it’s another subscription-based streaming service. However, the difference is that it will primarily focus on British and international TV.

Of course, if you’re a fan of any type of British TV, this is a must-have platform for your viewing pleasure.

Why do people like Acorn TV?

For starters, most people love Acorn TV because of their exclusive content. Their library offers a ton of British and international shows that you just won’t find anywhere else. This and its high-quality production have made it a very popular platform.

Can I get Acorn TV on Netflix?

Can I get Acorn TV on Netflix?

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting, can I get Acorn TV on Netflix? The answer is no. Before you kick rocks and throw a tantrum, don’t worry because you still have a few options for accessing this platform. But it does require you to subscribe to Acorn TV directly.

How do I watch Acorn TV?

One of the easiest ways to tune into Acorn TV is to use their app. The app is available on smartphones, tablets, and smart TVs. Plus, if you have various streaming devices like Amazon Fire TV, Roku, or Apple TV, you’ll still be able to download the app.

One of the cool things is that if you’re new to the platform, you should be able to try it out for a free trial period to see if it’s the right streaming service for you.

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How to Make Money Watching Netflix?


In conclusion, for those of you wishing to watch TV on Netflix, you might be in for a bit of a bummer. Don’t worry, though. By following the guide above, you’re still able to tune in to watch your favorite British shows. The best part is that you’ll have access to a free trial just to make sure you like the platform before committing.

The next time you have a hankering to watch a British TV show, just remember that you’re knocking able to do so on Netflix. Happy viewing