adds Google Pay, Apple Pay for Canadian Visa Card users

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

Back when the crypto industry was in its nascency, several steered away considering the complications around the market. The technicalities of the industry overwhelmed quite a few forcing them to sit on the fence. However, with time, the industry certainly evolved into a space where there was room for beginner as well as advanced traders. Purchasing crypto was also made easier and was further elevating the same.

As per’s latest announcement the exchange was bringing in Google Pay and Apple Pay to its Canada customers. Users employing the exchange’s Visa cards in the region were now allowed to employ Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The process of adding the card was elaborated on in the firm’s latest blog post. Availing this service was easy as users had to merely add their Visa card details to their Apple Wallet. iOS users were also allowed to employ this service on their Apple Watch.

Android users also had to follow a similar process of adding details of their card on Google Pay. Following an SMS OTP verification users would be allowed to put the service into use.

While this service was currently limited to the exchange’s Canadian users, the community speculated that others parts of the world would soon enjoy this function. The exchange has been on an expansion spree and has ventured into an array of countries over the last couple of months.

Here’s why the community is complaining about’s latest initiative

Several went on to laud the exchange for easing the use of crypto. However, a few others brought in the backlash as its latest function wasn’t working for many.

Google Pay users were also complaining about the same.

While the exchange’s latest move could boost the use of crypto, the technical difficulties that follow suit could pose to be detrimental.