Cardano (ADA) Could Hit $7, But There’s a Catch

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Cardano (ADA) Price Prediction: Mid-February 2024

Crypto trader Ali sees similarities between Cardano’s latest price consolidation and previous bottoming action leading to a powerful 2021 rally. If historical patterns hold, a breakout could arrive as soon as April.

In a recent tweet, Ali noted that ADA’s current narrow trading range closely resembles its behavior in late 2020 after a sharp post-peak correction. At the time, Cardano was moving slowly for nearly three months before igniting a new uptrend in early 2021.

Ali believes the current price action is setting the stage for another potential surge of that magnitude if support continues to build. Per the analysis, ADA could resume its recovery around April, mirroring the 2020 breakout.

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Could Cardano hit $7?

Initial targets are seen around $0.80, leading to a brief pullback toward $0.60. However, Ali expects Cardano ADA buyers to then step back in force and spark a climb toward $7.00.

Of course, crypto markets seldom move in a predictable, linear fashion. However, traders often rely on historical patterns as clues to how assets may trade around certain levels. The analogy suggests Cardano is accumulating for another leg higher.

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If Ali’s comparison holds, the token would still have to take out formidable resistance at $0.50 to get most bulls back on board. 

Drawing insights from ADA’s performance earlier in 2024, cryptocurrency experts at Changelly predict Cardano’s price. According to Changelly, Cardano ADA is likely to hit $7 in 2030.