Cardano: ADA To Pump At $10, Analyst Predicts

Juhi Mirza
Cardano Governance Testnet Website Release Signals Major Leap in Development
Source: Crypto News Flash

Cardano, one of the domain’s notable crypto tokens, is yet to experience the bullish onset of the market that its contemporaries are currently basking in. Moreover, the token has long been trading between $0.40 and $0.47, drawing significant speculation on when its price will skyrocket.

The ADA ecosystem is looking forward to the Chang Hard Fork update, which is poised to introduce noteworthy changes in Cardano’s infrastructure and order. With the hard fork timeline drawing in hard and fast, several crypto analysts are also busy predicting new price thresholds for ADA and speculating on Cardano’s future price levels.

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Chang Hard Fork Could Help ADA Surge To $10

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Source: Reddit

Cardano’s slow price pace has been a serious topic of contention within the crypto community. With the Chang Hard Fork upgrade in the mix, several analysts are banking on ADA’s meteoric price rise post-fork deployment, which is set to help the coin stabilize its valuation up a notch.

ADA’s lethargic price pace has significantly affected its valuation, causing distress among its investors. Presently, the token is sitting at a $0.46 price mark, which is generally dubbed a low price threshold for the token to trade at considering its recent milestones.

According to Lucid, a notable crypto analyst on X, ADA can jump as high as $10 after the Chang Hard Fork update, which is due to be introduced in Q2, 2024. The analyst shared how Cardano has always hosted the maximum number of developers working towards expanding its ecosystem to deliver better results.

“SPOs and builders are the backbone of Cardano! Their conviction for securing our freedom through Cardano is astounding! Having the most developers and the highest MAV is proof of their conviction! We are never giving up on Cardano! $ADA is ours! Chang!”

What Is the Chang Hard Fork Upgrade All About?

The Chang Hard Fork Upgrade will usher in a new era for Cardano. The fork will help ADA explore governance to represent the true form of a decentralized system.

“Chang Upgrade Number One will deploy governance features on Cardano. Initiating the technical bootstrapping phase outlined in SIP 1694. This phase sets the stage for decentralized voting, governance actions, and more. Chang Upgrade Number Two takes SIP 1694 out of the technical bootstrapping phase. IT will unlock the final features of on-chain governance, including delegated representative participation. And Treasury withdrawals.”

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