Cardano Boom: Analyst Draws Parallels on Why ADA is Better Than ETH

Juhi Mirza

Cardano has lately been making waves in the crypto market. ADA has noted a significant price surge, followed by a considerable improvement in its ranking.

Per the recent report by Messari, Cardano’s TVL increased by 166% QoQ and 693% YoY. Similarly, Cardano’s stablecoin value increased by 37% QoQ and 673% YoY. 

ADA’s latest spree of remarkable achievements has led several analysts to forecast positive sentiments. A notable crypto analyst on X, “Ssebi,” or Sebastian, was quick to present a fresh aspect, outlining why Cardano is better than Ethereum. 

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Is Cardano better than Ethereum?

Cardano Weekly Price: ADA Eyes $0.7
Source: Crypto News

Ssebi took to X to present his latest evaluation, adding that Cardano is better than Ethereum in many ways. 

He shared several notable reasons to back his claims, starting with how Cardano is easy on a trader’s pocket as compared to Ethereum’s exorbitant gas charges. 

“ADA poses low transaction fees, 0.2-0.5 compared to ETH 20-300.” Ssebi shared

Additionally, Ssebi shared how it’s easier to stake or unstake Cardano with one click. He stated how ADA is not locked for months in smart contracts, making it easier for the users to stake or unstake at their discretion. 

Highlighting ADA’s credibility, Ssebi noted how, as compared to ETH, users can make transactions even when their ADA is staked. 

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Cardano’s Ecosystem Is Thriving

Noting Cardano’s latest spree of accomplishments, Ssebi pointed out ADA’s recent TVL stats that have documented a significant rise. 

Similarly, he shared how Cardano has steadily been documenting a spike in NFT ecosystems, including projects related to Metaverse and P2E games. 

“Cardano TVL is growing continuously, and DeFi projects are mooning. People are making 10x-20x from DeFi projects and meme-coins. Rich NFT ecosystem with hundreds of innovative NFT projects, including metaverses and P2E games.” Ssebi tweeted. 

Cardano has lately been grabbing the central spotlight, primarily due to its thriving ecosystem prospects. ADA has been climbing high in terms of ecosystem expansion, noting a surge in all its leading verticals.

Per Messari’s report, ADA’s price increased 127.2% QoQ, outpacing the overall crypto market’s increase of 53.8%. The report concluded with remarks on how ADA in general has noted positive changes in all its leading sectors and spheres. 

“This growth was observed across established protocols like Minswap, which exhibited leading transaction activity, and newer entrants like Indigo, which emerged as the largest protocol by TVL in Q4. Simultaneously, Cardano’s infrastructure development continued,” the report shared.