Cardano Bull Says ADA $1 Price Threshold Is Imminent: Here’s Why

Juhi Mirza
Cardano Weekend Price Prediction, Can ADA Hit $1?
Source: AMBCrypto

Leading ADA analyst and expert, Dan Gambardello, has issued a fresh forecast concerning Cardano’s future price ascent.

Gambardello took to social media to share further updates, adding how ADA is poised to gain considerable momentum after the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. The event is scheduled to take place on April 21, which may unveil a new price era for altcoins to breach and conquer.

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Analyst Shares Why Cardano Will Win The Big Crypto Race

Dan Gambardello, noted for his striking Cardano predictions, has yet again shared an important ADA update for its community members. Speaking about Solana’s recent network blunder, Gambardello commented on how leading blockchains, including Solana and Cardano, have a long way to go in terms of infrastructure development and adaptability.

While drawing comparisons between Solana and ADA, Gambardello reiterated how ADA is better than other chains, accentuating the fact that Cardano’s building is different from its contemporaries in the space.

He later went forward to emphasize Cardano’s unique infrastructural changes. The analyst shared how Cardano’s recent experiments in terms of scaling will soon take the crypto market by storm.

“Essentially, Solana currently has 75% transaction failure while lacking security and decentralization. With my style of investing in crypto, these are big points for me. I’m bringing it up because people are always wondering why I’m such a Cardano bull and did not hop on the Solana train this cycle. The major difference is that with ADA, scaling is approaching major milestones, and once Cardano combines its existing security and decentralization features with scaling, it’s game over, in my opinion.”

Gambardello later gave an example of how the US states are embedding Cardano in their professional pursuits. He shared how the current development will strengthen Cardano to a new level.

“Fundamentally, as a value investor, Cardano is a top blue-chip. Because of how it’s built, I think it will emerge as a clear market share winner sooner than many might think. U.S. states are wise to reach out to the Cardano Foundation regarding voting systems. Dubai Police is wise to be using Cardano.”

Cardano to Reach $1 Post Bitcoin Halving?

Top Cardano analyst Dan Gambardello reiterated that ADA is poised to reach the $1.5 price threshold soon.

According to the analyst, Bitcoin Halving is expected to play a major role in catapulting ADA’s price, helping the token go parabolic, and ultimately delivering a bullish price trajectory. The analyst shared how ADA can hit the ambitious $1.5 post-Bitcoin halving target.

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“Just like the last cycle, as we head into Bitcoin halving and parabolic altcoin season, Cardano is an underdog. Even though I’ve been talking about this non-stop, people are once again sleeping on this chart. When ADA takes off, it will be epic!“

However, crypto platform CoinCodex predicts ADA to undergo a few price sways and dips before it hits a major price mark. By the end of 2024, the platform expects the token to cross the $1 mark.

“The expected trading range for ADA is between $0.525057 and $2.32. If it reaches the upper price target, ADA could increase by 305.90% and reach $2.32.”