Cardano Founder shares latest with the Community

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Cointribune

Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson, hosted a live stream on his official YouTube channel on Monday, to update the community on ADA’s plans.

Hoskinson stated that this is a big week for Cardano as the whole ADA Foundation, executive leadership and senior management are currently in Colorado. They have been hosting seminars, workshops, and discussions about Cardano, and its upcoming phase. 

Source: Charles Hoskinson, YouTube

Cardano’s Open Source Policy

The team has been hard at work, structuring a better open-source project for Cardano. Hoskinson reminded the community that all of Cardano’s codes are under open source licenses, as that is a core philosophy of the group. However, he believes that the curation of their open-source material has not been optimized. 

Hoskinson aims to provide the community with some strict timelines regarding their upcoming launches. And the community can expect some dates from the organization shortly. 

Hoskinson, and the rest of Cardano as well, are firm believers in open source technology. To better the optimization of their material, the team has looked at how Mozilla, Apache, and Linux operate. 

He also pointed out the fact that just as Ethereum has ERC and EIP, Cardano has CIP. 

The team is having constant discussions about their formal methods. They are discussing whether to have a polyglyph ecosystem, or maintain Haskell as the reference client, and maintain the same formal methods. 

Mamba launch

Cardano’s Mamba protocol is based on Ethereum Classic’s code, which has been modified. It introduces a side chain strategy for the ADA ecosystem.

Hoskinson points to the difference between Ethereum and Cardano in this regard by saying that ADA uses extended UTXO and Plutus, while ETH uses Solidity and EVM. 

He goes on to say that Mamba is the first time in Cardano’s history that the entire team has been able to converge on one point. It will allow separate revenue streams for tokens on side chains. 

Apart from Mamba, the team is also working on the Catalyst Voting Network, which also will be a side chain of ADA. Catalyst, too, will have its separate revenue system. 

Other goals 

The team is working on special-purpose courses for Plutus and the core technology of Cardano. They also plan to outsource curriculum development from their internal division. 

ADA’s goals for 2022 include three main points. Namely, commercial compatibility, sustainability, and self-determination. Comercial compatibility includes pipelining, input endorsers, development of side chains, etc. Sustainability will include things like optimization, implementing UTXO, etc. While self-determination includes the building of an inclusive bureaucracy.