Cardano: Hints About a Major Update in June and Two Things to Wait For

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Cardano: Hints About a Major Update in June and Two Things to Wait For
Source: Bitcoin News

The Vice president of the Cardano ecosystem, Tim Harrison, dropped a tweet hinting at a major update coming up in June.

The update will mainly revolve around the hard fork combinator event expected to be held in June.

Cardano’s major Vasil hard fork update

June will most probably be a significant month for Cardano. The much-awaited big update, the Vasil hard fork, is expected to occur in June. The hard fork is named after Vasil Dabov, who was a Cardano community member and a Bulgarian mathematician.

The event will remain one of the most important to spotlight Cardano’s growth. The Vasil hard fork is also a much-awaited update for a majority of decentralized apps.

The new Vasil hard fork is said to implement different scaling improvements that mainly include pipelining, new Plutus CIPs, Hydra. etc. Apart from these changes, the Cardano team is also working to offer several new features and products like the DApp store, lightweight wallet, and bridges for easy movement of assets between different sidechains.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, said that the team of more than 100 engineers is working on very tight timelines.

“If you listen to crypto media, if you listen to the critics of Cardano, they seem to believe that Cardano doesn’t exist. It’s all just some elaborate super scam and nothing has been built and accomplished.”

As per the details mentioned in the IOHK blog post, reference inputs and Plutus script referencing are two of the significant improvements coming to Vasil hard fork in June.

CIPs for reference inputs (CIP-31) and reference scripts (CIP-33) have been submitted for Cardano implementation and are likely to be included in the Vasil hard fork. These additions, along with improvements, will scale the network, products, smart contracts, and other processes operating in the ecosystem.

Hoskinson says that running a massive project like Cardano is not easy. What he tries to achieve is to solve the root cause of a problem rather than scratching the surface.