Cardano Vasil upgrade inches closer to mainnet following testnet launch

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

Network upgrades are an essential part of the crypto-verse. Developing the space with respect to the volume and demand of its users is essential for progression. Cardano has been moving in that direction with their latest update. The Input-Output HK revealed that the IOG team had managed to hard fork the Cardano testnet.

The Vasil hard fork was completed on the testnet earlier today at 20:20 UTC. However, this doesn’t mean that the actual hard fork has been completed. The Vasil upgrade is yet to take place on the mainnet. Cardano’s latest release will reportedly streamline the process of a potential switch to the mainnet.

Additionally, IOHK noted that the hard fork would be proposed on the mainnet only when all the ecosystem partners were “comfortable and ready.”

Cardano’s Vasil hard fork to go on the mainnet in four weeks?

Following its recent development, IOHK urged stake pool operators [SPO], developers that were working on the network as well as exchanges to take charge. The project prompted the aforementioned entities to start deploying their work on the testnet.

Since the Vasil upgrade is a “complex program of work,” projects were asked to look into backward compatibility. SPOs were urged to tune their scripting as well. In addition to this Vasil is expected to bring increased performance to Cardano. With higher throughput, better developer experience, faster block creation, scalability along with interoperability, Vasil is said to be revolutionary for the network.

Further elaborating on the hard fork, IOHK wrote,

“The community has requested a 4-week period following the testnet hard fork to allow for SPOs, developers, and exchanges to test and upgrade before we trigger the hard fork for the #Cardano mainnet.”

Furthermore, while the Cardano network was prepping for the imminent hard fork, its native crypto ADA wasn’t in sync. The bearish takeover has been rather difficult for the entire market. ADA, similar to other assets succumbed to the bears. At press time, the altcoin was trading for $0.447 with a 10 percent drop over the last couple of days. The hard fork didn’t seem to have a major effect on its price as it surged by 1 percent over the previous 24 hours.