Cardano’s Pre-production Ecosystem to Hard Fork on Sep 19

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Cardano’s Pre-production Ecosystem to Hard Fork on Sep 19
Source: FX Empire

The hard fork upgrade to Cardano Vasil now has an official launch date. This is one of the most significant blockchain upgrades to date.

The Vasil hard fork update is officially slated for September 22nd, as per Input Output and the Cardano Foundation.

Cardano will benefit from enhanced network bandwidth and lower-cost transactions as a result of the Cardano Vasil update. It will also offer improvements to Plutus, according to Input Output. As a result, developers will be able to design more efficient and powerful blockchain-based apps as a result of this.

The ADA team released a weekly report highlighting the key happenings and statistics to date on the Cardano blockchain. Let us look at what upgrades have been completed as Vasil hard fork is set to go live.

Cardano’s pre-production environment to hard fork on 19th

Prior to the mainnet hard fork on February 22nd, the PreProduction ecosystem will hard fork on February 19.

Over 95% of SPO blocks are presently generated by the new node v.1.35.3, and the top DApp projects are likewise on schedule to update. Exchange liquidity is now at about 55%, and great strides are being made toward the desired 80%.

The Daedalus team also tested the new Trezor firmware. Additionally, the team is adding Lace desktop features. It is also working on the completion of a proof of concept where ADA wallet can generate a typed API.

The Plutus team is still working on improving the documentation, Hackage, the API, and conducting further testing. It also keeps adding support for the Babbage era.

So far, as per the statistics, 1,100 projects are building on Cardano. The team seems to be on track with the Vasil hard fork as the team seems to be so assured with the developments. After the merge, the Vasil hard fork is one of the most sought-after updates.