CashApp Announced Its 3 New Bitcoin Products at the Bitcoin Conference

Vignesh Karunanidhi
CashApp Just Announced its 3 New Products at the Bitcoin Conference
Source: Youtube Bitcoin Conference

CashApp just announced at the Bitcoin 2022 conference that they are releasing three new Bitcoin products.

At the Bitcoin 2022 conference, CashApp announced its three new bitcoin products to make it easy and accessible for everyone to join the Bitcoin revolution.

Paid in Bitcoin – to make BTC more relatable

It’s a simple and free way for users to auto-invest their paycheck into bitcoin. It’s stated as one of the largest deployments of such a feature to date. CashApp mentioned that a significant number of customers receive paychecks in the CashApp.

The customers will have an option to convert from 1% to 100% of their paycheck into bitcoin with just two clicks for free. The idea to deploy such a feature popped up in 2019 as per the announcement.

Source: Youtube Bitcoin Conference

Bitcoin round-ups – to make BTC instantly available

The bitcoin round-up feature will allow users to convert and auto-invest spare changes from the transactions. To avail of this feature, customers should have a cash card, enable round-ups, and select bitcoin. All your spare changes from card transactions will be automatically converted to BTC.

Source: Youtube Bitcoin Conference

Lightning receives – to make BTC universally accessible

CashApp was one of the first companies to enable lightning withdrawals in January. The users will be able to accept bitcoin in the Cashapp through the lightning network without the need for any block confirmations.

Source: Youtube Bitcoin Conference

The company also announced that it would push mainstream Bitcoin UX a step ahead. CashApp initiates to deploy one magical QR code to receive Bitcoin instead of having two, which can combine the on-chain details and the lightning invoice.

Source: Youtube Bitcoin Conference

CashApp intends to make the entire experience of sending and receiving Bitcoin completely seamless. They also added that they have reached out to wallet companies to ensure that there is no flaw in this feature.

We believe that this improvement will make adoption stronger and lives simpler not only for everyone in this room, bur more importantly for those people from different places.

CashApp’s feature will make the life of Bitcoiners easier. “Once you are into Bitcoin, you are in for life.”