ChatGPT Creator OpenAI and Microsoft Announce Extended Partnership

Joshua Ramos
Source: OpenAI

OpenAI and Microsoft have announced an extension of their partnership according to a published statement. The artificial intelligence research lab and the tech giant have orchestrated a “multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment,” in the extension.

The two platforms had previously collaborated on work together through Microsoft investments in both 2019 and 2021. Moreover, the ChatGPT creator has stated that the investing partnership will fuel their continued research into the rather uncharted domain of artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT Developer Extends Microsoft Investment

OpenAI stated the deal, “will allow us to continue our independent research and developed AI that is increasingly safe, useful, and powerful.” Furthermore, stating the company “remains a capped-profit company and is governed by the OpenAI non-profit.”

Specifically, noting that the partnership “allows us to raise the capital we need to fulfill our mission without sacrificing our core beliefs about broadly sharing benefits and the need to prioritize safety.” Additionally, OpenAI has made note of Microsofts alignment with the values of the research firm. While discussing the multitude of ways that the collaborative efforts have been beneficial to its endeavors.

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Firstly, OpenAI has stated the two have constructed, “multiple supercomputing systems powered by Azure,” a training protocol for all models. Thereafter stating Microsoft will “increase their investment in this system to accelerate our independent research,” alongside Azure’s exclusivity in the program.

Secondly, the partnership will allow them to “deploy our technology through our API and the Azure OpenAI Service,” in their statement. Conversely noting its continued capability for developers to build on already developed services. Already seen in the collaboratively created “apps like GitHub Copilot and Microsoft Designer.”

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Lastly, the partnership allows both entities to “regularly collaborate to review and synthesize shared lessons,” the statement noted. Particularly in an effort to continuously strive for greater safety measures. Thus, establishing the best route forward for continued progression into AI systems.