ChatGPT Gives Meme Coin Price Analysis: Dogecoin, Pepe, Slothana

Joshua Ramos
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Source: ATRIA Innovation

Meme coins have been the talk of the crypto market this year so far, with projects inspired by internet culture seeing immense demand.

But what does ChatGPT have to say about the price potential of popular meme tokens like Dogecoin, Pepe, and Slothana moving forward?

In this article, we take a look at the AI model’s analysis and predictions for how these lighthearted crypto assets might trade in the days and weeks ahead.

ChatGPT Predicts a Bounce Ahead for DOGE

Dogecoin has had a rough time lately, according to ChatGPT’s assessment.

The AI model shows that the OG meme coin is getting put through the wringer, down a whopping 25% over the past week alone amid broader market choppiness.

But could relief be around the corner for Dogecoin?

ChatGPT sees some light at the end of the tunnel if the coin can bounce off nearby support levels.

Should this occur, the model sees DOGE rallying back toward $0.17 in the near term, which would be a 14% pump from its current price.

Of course, that bounce play is far from a given.

This is because ChatGPT also warns there could be more downside on the cards if DOGE drops below support – likely around $0.140.

Pepe Set for Post-Halving Rebound, According to ChatGPT

ChatGPT’s analysis shows that Pepe has been taking an even harder beating than Dogecoin lately.

The AI model highlights how PEPE has plummeted by 31% over the past seven days to trade at $0.00000487.

Like DOGE, ChatGPT attributes PEPE’s downturn to the broader risk-off sentiment in the market ahead of the highly-anticipated Bitcoin halving event.

With investors de-risking their altcoin exposure, meme coins have been caught in the crosshairs.

Unfortunately, ChatGPT doesn’t see clear skies ahead for PEPE in the short term.

The model warns that the token could remain under selling pressure until after the halving.

However, ChatGPT believes PEPE’s prospects could brighten in the medium-to-longer term. Moreover, it believes that the token could push back above $0.000005 in the coming weeks.

ChatGPT Believes Slothana Will Explode 20x After DEX Listing

While Dogecoin and Pepe have been struggling, ChatGPT has a far more bullish outlook on the Slothana meme coin, built on the Solana blockchain.

According to the AI’s analysis, SLOTH has managed to generate immense hype ahead of its DEX listing in just ten days.

The project’s successful $10 million presale points to enormous demand from degen investors. Indeed, they are keen to get in early on this sloth-themed token.

Despite its lack of utility beyond serving as a tongue-in-cheek meme coin and brand mascot, ChatGPT notes that SLOTH has still caught the attention of retail traders.

Moreover, its growing social media buzz could fuel a post-launch frenzy.

With such colossal interest already on display, even before SLOTH is officially launched, ChatGPT believes the initial price discovery phase could be extremely volatile.

In a bullish scenario, ChatGPT sees SLOTH rapidly surging from its current presale price, which is estimated at $0.0133 based on Solana’s value.

Specifically, the model predicts that SLOTH might hit $0.266 per token after its DEX listing – a 20x price pump.

Although this forecast is entirely hypothetical, it demonstrates ChatGPT’s confidence in Slothana’s future.

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Slerf & Degen Also Draw Attention from ChatGPT

Alongside DOGE, PEPE, and SLOTH, ChatGPT has also given its thoughts on two other trending meme coins.

The first is Slerf (SLERF), which ChatGPT believes could be in line for significant growth.

After a recent downtrend, SLERF has rebounded over the past week, up around 4% to trade at $0.38.

ChatGPT highlights that this uptick, coupled with SLERF’s high spot trading volumes, could mean a reversal is imminent.

Should a bullish scenario play out, the model expects SLERF to rally back to $0.45 in the near term.

Next is Degen (DEGEN), a token that ChatGPT is far more bearish about.

DEGEN has plummeted 39% in the past week due to decreasing interest from investors.

Currently trading at just $0.023, ChatGPT believes DEGEN could remain under intense selling pressure if no positive catalysts emerge.

If this selling pressure isn’t halted, the model forecasts DEGEN falling to $0.018 (or lower). This would represent the token’s lowest value since late March.