ChatGPT-Like ‘Personal AI’ That Runs Without Internet Goes Live

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

The advancement in the AI industry has been marching at a significant rate in 2023. With the worldwide popularity of ChatGPT, multiple organizations are taking concrete steps toward development in the sector but there is a growing concern. The understanding that artificial intelligence might attempt to take peripheral control, led to AI experts deciding to put a hold on any further development of ChatGPT-like tools. However now, a new personal artificial intelligence medium has come into the picture.

According to reports, this AI program can be installed on a personal computer and run without an internet connection. Programmers at Nomic AI’s AI development company decided to formulate and roll out GPT4All. This tool only needs 4GB of storage and was produced in just four days for a claimed cost of $1,300.

Brian Roemmele of Multiplex referred to the April 11 release of the personal AI “GPT4All” as the “first PC” moment for personal AI. He added,

“This is the “first PC” moment for Personal AI and with it will be limitations just like when the first Apple 1 was produced in a garage. You are a pioneer. Today private and Personal AI is available to anyone.”

Additionally, GPT4All has been the top trending topic on GitHub repository for the last couple of days.

As seen in the above tweet, GPT4All is much like ChatGPT 3.5 and not ChatGPT 4. Roemmele noted that even though it isn’t as powerful as ChatGPT 4, GPT4All was deemed one of the “most powerful Personal AI systems ever released.”

Is Personal AI the next big thing?

The ChatGPT revolution garnered a massive user base in no time. However, this lured the attention of several governments as well. Italy, recently banned the use of ChatGPT, and several experts like Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak came forward to call for a six-month moratorium on AI development.

Musk time and again has highlighted the perils of AI. More recently he even suggested that “The Singularity” is inching closer. The term “singularity” describes a speculative moment in history when technological advancement becomes unstoppable and irreversible, maybe aided by a self-improving artificial intelligence.

But, the advent of personal AI could aid AI enthusiasts. Nevertheless, Roemmele pointed out how AI is slowly getting under the radar of regulation and censorship. Therefore, he believed “this may be the last chance to own your own AI.”