ChatGPT Predicts Bullish Rise For Solana SOL

Source: Analytics Insight

ChatGPT has become a popular predictor for the future prices of cryptocurrencies. Many prediction engines use AI software to track and project key points and performances for crypto, such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. Now, Chat GPT is predicting a bullish rise for Solana SOL, one of the more popular crypto assets on the market.

Here is ChatGPT’s latest prediction for Solana SOL, and how it may perform soon.

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ChatGPT Predicts Price for Solana SOL, a rise incoming?

ChatGPT has become a popular predictor for the future prices of cryptocurrencies. Here is ChatGPT's latest prediction for Solana SOL.
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Along with most of the cryptocurrency market, Solana has been bearish throughout the beginning of 2024. The price of SOL has fallen 10% compared to the end of 2023. However, the web3 platform’s recent launch of innovative token extensions may be a starting point for SOL to rally, according to ChatGPT.

According to the AI engine, this latest innovation by Solana may could lead to at least a 40% increase in SOL’s price, potentially reaching the 2023 high of $126. This is indeed a very bullish outlook for the token, as it’s currently trading at just over $92. However, the coin is up over $10 in the last seven days, so the prediction isn’t completely unreasonable.

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Additionally, some experts in the cryptocurrency-watching field are also bullish on Solana towards the end of this month, predicting the coin to bounce back to $100. With man and machine both bullish on the token, SOL may be in for a rise. Again though, these are just predictions, which may alter depending on multiple factors in the coming weeks. SOL is rebounding off a dip, as the charts indicate, so bullish optimism is valid.