China Sidelines NATO: Declares to Stop $1 Billion Russia-Ukraine War

Vinod Dsouza
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The cost of the Russia-Ukraine war crossed the $1 billion mark in June 2024. The war that started in February 2022 is yet to see an end despite thousands of people losing their lives. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) has condemned the war calling Russia’s actions against Ukraine “unprovoked aggression”. China has now entered the Russia and Ukraine discussions after meeting NATO Nation President Mark Rutte and vowed to end the war.

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China’s President Xi Jinping said he seeks to foster peace through diplomacy in the Russia and Ukraine conflict. Jinping also took a veiled attack on NATO and the West for not doing more to end the Russia and Ukraine war. The Chinese leader also hit out at the U.S. for saying that Beijing is secretly aiding Russia in the conflict

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Not NATO, China Declares To End $1 Billion Russia-Ukraine War

Vladimir Putin Russia China Xi Jinping
Source Photograph: Ramil Sitdikov/AP

China is looking to sideline NATO and take the credit for ending the Russia and Ukraine war. China is a close ally and trading partner of Russia and has rarely discussed the Ukraine conflict at meetings. Jinping and Putin chose to talk about bilateral trade deals, de-dollarization, and oil purchases, among others, and not the war.

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It was NATO which is constantly working towards finding a solution to the Russia and Ukraine war and not China. Therefore, China talking about declaring to end the $1 billion Russia-Ukraine conflict holds no weight in the international community. The U.S. has already provided Ukraine with arms and financial support nearing $400 billion.

NATO countries have also aided Ukraine with billions to help it fight against Russian aggression. China has not provided Russia and Ukraine with financial aid but only schemes of blaming NATO, the U.S., and the West. The war is being dragged on for over two years with no end in sight.