Circle Adds Support for Apple Pay

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Circle Now Adds Support for Apple Pay
Source: Forkast News

Since the demise of the Terra UST stablecoin, stablecoins have fought to remain strong. Investor trust in the asset plummeted as a result of Terra’s stablecoin’s rise and fall. 

Additionally, it made it more important than ever to offer complete transparency regarding the assets and reserves that serve as the stablecoins’ backers. This is to prevent history from repeating itself and to prevent other stablecoins from de-pegging and ending up in a situation similar to UST. Circle’s USDC has shown itself to be resilient despite the chaos.

Circle has now made a new announcement extending its support for Apple Pay.

Circle extends support for Apple Pay

With the new support, customers can easily make payments and checkout using their mobile devices privately and safely. The new integration, according to Circle, will be beneficial for crypto-native businesses. It will also help customers buy cryptocurrencies using Apple Pay on their preferred exchanges.

Getting started only takes a few steps. Users have to initially open a Circle account and create an Apple developer account. Users will also be able to connect via API integration to Circle’s payment solution. Circle and Apple Pay will allow customers to pay using their Apple devices including the iWatch, iPhone, and iPad.

The announcement also mentions that the stablecoin issuer will bring in more payment options to make cryptocurrency payment acceptance easier.