Coffezilla Calls Out Logan Paul For Failing To Refund CryptoZoo Victims

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Logan Paul Hasn't Paid Back CryptoZoo Victims, Says Coinzilla
Source: YouTube Coinzilla

When cryptocurrencies really began to gain traction, everyone jumped on board. Many celebrities, musicians, artists, and even industry titans began to invest in cryptocurrencies. Jake Paul and Logan Paul were no exception, as they both clearly brought their best to the digital currency/crypto business. But Logan didn’t stop there; he also released CryptoZoo, his NFT project.

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CryptoZoo did not perform as promised and crumbled, resulting in losses for countless users who invested in it. Stephen Findeisen, aka Coffeezilla, a YouTuber, began looking into Logan’s NFT idea. In a series of videos, Coffeezilla accused Youtuber and boxer Logan Paul of deception with his NFT game, “Crypto Zoo.”

In one of his recent videos, Coffeezilla calls out Logan for failing to refund the NFT customers.

Coffeezilla calls out Logan Paul for failing to refund $1.8 million

Coffeezilla mentioned in his video that six months have passed since Logan Paul announced his intention to refund the victims of the Crypto Zoo scam. He mentioned that there has been no progress in fulfilling this promise. Stephen, who initially exposed the scam, stated that he has been persistently reaching out to Logan Paul for updates on the refund process.

“It’s been six months, so here’s a follow-up. Logan Paul has not paid back his victims. He hasn’t talked about it since he first announced he was going to pay them back. And what’s worst of all, he doesn’t seem to have a plan in place to refund anyone.”

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However, Coffeezilla highlighted that he didn’t receive any response from Logan except from his defense lawyer. He mentioned that the response didn’t include a fulfilling timeline or a plan to initiate a refund.

Coffeezilla urged Logan to reach out to him, as being called out every six months is not good for his reputation. Concluding the video, he asked Logan to pay the people back and go back to pretending that he had changed.