Coinbase Lists Voyager Token

Source: Cryptoninjas

Voyager Token (CCC: VGX-USD) is now available to trade on Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN). According to Steve Erlich, CEO and Co-founder of Voyager, this listing is crucial for them. 

First, the listing will improve the accessibility of Voyager. Then VGX will get a global market outreach.

Implications of Listing to Tokens

A new listing from a renowned exchange is exciting. Thus offering the users of the particular token an easier time. Owing to this, Coinbase allows Voyager users to transact to different currencies in the Crypto space. This allows Voyager users to transact with several cryptos without having to create different accounts for different cryptos.

VGX: The Rewarding Catalogue

The VGX 2.0 is an Ethereum based Voyager token used to reward its users. One of the rewards that VGX enables; is boosting your crypto earning levels up to 7%. VGX also allows its members to strengthen their earnings on different crypto forums as rewards.

The VGX hosts more than 60 types of Cryptocurrencies. Members of VGX then trade a currency of their choice on the platform. At the end of the month, the on-app updates its activities. Afterward, the app chooses a winner based on the newly updated protocol.

Coinbase Users Can Now Trade Voyager

According to an announcement by Coinbase, members will be able to send and buy the Voyagers. Coinbase said that most users ask whether they will be able to transact their newly listed tokens. Therefore, Voyager members can access the services of buying, converting, saving, trading, sending, and receiving VG tokens.

Coinbase offers different platforms where new users sign up. You can sign up on the website to interact with the trading exchange. Coinbase also offers mobile applications suited for both Android and iPhones.

Trading VGX has been active for more than two days now. Joining Coinbase, we expect an upwards trend in value increment. A listing by Coinbase introduces the asset to a wider number of traders. Currently, Coinbase is the second-largest exchange platform globally when it comes to trading volumes.

As Voyager’s CEO had predicted, the coinbase is already boosting the VGX token to stardom.

VGX has experienced a 40% value surge since joining coinbase. VGX trading value has also gone to a high of about $4 weekly as of 20th November.

The Ultimate Goal: List All Crypto Assets

Coinbase has been adding multiple cryptos to its exchange program. For instance, on 17th November, it announced it was supporting five more ethereum based tokens. Two days after this announcement, Coinbase hit the Crypto news agencies. This time, Shiba Inu and Dogecoin joined the merger.

These new listings are here to stay and to meet the general expectation of Coinbase. Coinbase hopes to list as many Cryptos as possible. Brian Amstrong, Chief executive of exchanges, communicated this plan in a tweet dated to June, 2021. He wrote, “Reminder about how Coinbase lists assets: our goal is to list *every* asset where it is legal to do so.”

Touring Coinbase

Coinbase is an exchange platform that supports more than 60 cryptocurrencies. Users access the platform using a mobile application that is friendly to use. Additionally, coinbase has more than 30 cryptos that offer rewards to traders.