Coinbase Officially Launches its Smart Wallet

Joshua Ramos
Source – Investment Mastery

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has officially launched its very own Smart Wallet. Indeed, the platform released a brand new video highlighting the brand new features that are set to create a one-of-a-kind product that could change how cryptocurrency users interact with the market.

The product is set to kick off the “next chapter for Conibase Wallet,” the exchange remarked in a press release. Moreover, it is set to introduce a greater simplification of the onboarding process to fulfill its goal of onboarding more than 1 billion users.

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Coinbase Launches Revolutionary Smart Wallet

Coinbase has long been one of the most influential companies in the crypto sector. The US-based exchange has been outspoken in its commitment to pushing the industry forward. Whether that be through its offerings or its battle for regulatory clarity, it has never wavered in that mission.

Now, it is set to push the market forward yet again, as Coinbase has announced the official launch of its Smart Wallet. The next generation of the Coinbase wallet product is set to introduce a simpler way for users to take part in the sector. Specifically, the wallet is introducing enhanced simplicity and ease to the on-chain experience.

Source: Coinbase

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Coinbase notes the overhaul of a “gasless on-chain experience.” Furthermore, they note that the implemented changes will now make “onboarding to the blockchain as easy as signing into your favorite website.” Ultimately, the goal of the offering is to rapidly increase the number of people taking part in the industry.

The smart wallet is set to eliminate the need for recovery phrases, apps, and extensions that are usually required for DeFi participation. Subsequently, the Coinbase Smart Wallet will introduce a passkey and web portal connection. Specifically, Base, Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, Avalanche, BNB, and Zora, are all at launch.

The arrival of the smart wallet is undoubtedly a massive moment for crypto. Coinbaes users will be equipped with state-of-the-art wallet technology. Moreover, this should only further the acquisition of new users. It arrives to eliminate the slow and expensive standard that is in place with most alternatives.