Coinbase Users Can Now Deposit Paychecks to their Accounts


Coinbase is announcing some new features that will make crypto users happy. The company wants its platform to become more than a trading platform with the addition of these updates.

Coinbase is launching direct deposit in the U.S., which means customers will be able to deposit a part of their paycheck directly. The most extreme users might even choose to deposit 100%. Once you deposit on your Coinbase account, you can decide how the company can handle your dollars. You could either keep everything in USD or convert them over into a cryptocurrency.

Users can choose any of the crypto assets available on this platform. This feature alone is handy if you want to set up recurring buys without even having to think about it in advance.

But what if you want to get money out of your Coinbase account? Well, they also have a Visa debit card. You can use this as an alternative form of payment and withdrawal on any merchant that accepts either Apple Pay or Google Maps.

Coinbase has a USD wallet that allows you to spend your cryptocurrency without attracting any transaction fees. You can also choose the conversion source with 2% being converted into U.S. Dollars each time for purchases made through Coinbase. But, no cost when using USDC instead.

As a way to thank you for using their services, the folks at Coinbase want to give back. With every card transaction on your account comes a reward. Either 1% in DAI and ETH or 4% of any GRT coins spent. 

Coinbase announced that they would be starting an initiative to provide users with a Visa card. This allows them the option of spending their cryptocurrency without fees. Furthermore, it offers greater security by storing funds in cold storage wallets. The first phase starts next month, so you’ll want to get excited.

Coinbase is America’s Favorite

Coinbase is a favorite cryptocurrency app for millions of people in America. Due to this link with their customers, they’re adding new features to increase usage.

Coinbase wants to make it easier for you, so they are giving users four new tabs in the mobile app. Assets, Trade and Pay (for accepting payments), and a tab called “For You.” For you will provide helpful tips about how best to use cryptocurrencies.

All this change should hopefully bring more people on board with cryptocurrency trading. Yet, they should not leave their bank accounts behind altogether.