CoinMarketCap Refuses to List Saitama Despite it Making to the ‘Top 100 Coins By Market Cap’ List

Vinod Dsouza
CoinMarketCap refuses to list Saitama in the top 100 coins by market cap list
CoinMarketCap refuses to list Saitama in the top 100 coins by market cap list.

Saitama’s market cap reached $2.3 billion and made it to the list of ‘top 100 coins by market cap’. Despite reaching this milestone, CoinMarketCap has refused to list Saitama on its page. The reason behind refusing to list Saitama could be due to the fact that the token has not been listed on any of the top 5 exchange platforms.

However, CoinMarketCap has not released a statement on why they refuse to list Saitama on the top 100 coins list. The token is showing positive sentiments this week despite the market crash on the weekend.

This is not the first time that CoinMarketCap has given Saitama a cold shoulder. In November, CoinMarketCap placed a warning on Saitama’s data page and alerted users that the token might not be trusted.

The warning read, “Willie D (a partner of Saitama) Sentenced in Wire Fraud Scam (FBI). For more information on the partnership visit here, FBI press releases, visit here.”

Nonetheless, the warning was removed a day later but the damage was done. The token dipped -35% after the warning was placed on the page and created a domino effect of panic selling.

Willie D was an influencer for Saitama but was never a part of the core team. He had no access to its business module and day-to-day happenings of the token. Also, the FBI had sentenced him in Wire Fraud Scam for his wrongdoings a decade ago and not present day.

“An article from 12 years ago (2010) and not even from our developers that cause some of our members panic a bit! Be calm WolfPack. Remember that the important of the project is our community and our devs team is working hard to provide our community best interest #SaitamaWolfPack,” tweeted the official Twitter handle of Saitama.

Saitama : The Way Forward

Despite facing several hurdles since its launch in May 2021, Saitama has dusted itself and forged ahead. The token at present is gaining momentum and the overall sentiment in the community remains to be positive.

In addition, the Certik Security Leaderboard revealed that 75% of Saitama’s audit is complete and the reviewal is in the final stages. Once Certik competes the audit, the token can expect a boost in price as more investors will join its bandwagon.

At the time of publishing, Saitama was trading at $0.000000051262 and is up +0.6% in the 24-hours day trade. The token is down -41.8% since the last 30-trading days and is down -19.5% in the last 2 weeks.