Could this New Meme Coin be the Next Dogecoin After Raising $2M Through ICO?

Joshua Ramos

While meme coins had a slow start to the month, the past week has made it clear that meme coin season is still in full swing. There have been huge gains across the meme coin landscape, with top meme coins Floki and Pepe both up 15% this week.

New projects have been gathering lots of attention as traders hope to chance upon the next Dogecoin. Some investors have high hopes for the new AI-fueled meme token WienerAI, which has just raised $2 million in just three weeks.

WienerAI Shows Huge Potential After Strong Start

With the ongoing success of its ICO, WienerAI has positioned itself as a serious contender in the meme coin space. This has led many to wonder if it could follow in the footsteps of Dogecoin and achieve widespread popularity and huge returns.

The comparison to Dogecoin is not unfounded, as Dogecoin itself started as a dog-themed meme coin. Since then, it has become one of the most well-known and widely traded cryptocurrencies in the market. Its rise to fame demonstrates the potential for meme coins. Specifically, their ability to capture the imagination of traders and gain significant value over time.

However, WienerAI is more than just a meme coin, which gives it an edge over the countless other tokens vying for the top spot. The project harnesses the power of AI for its groundbreaking trading bot. The bot features a user-friendly interface, allowing traders to quiz it about investment strategies and potential opportunities.

By leveraging AI capabilities, the bot aims to optimize trading strategies, identify profitable opportunities, and ultimately enhance the overall trading experience for investors. It supports seamless swaps and, as part of its decentralized philosophy, charges zero fees. It also offers MEV protection to prevent front-running bots and protect your profits.

With WienerAI’s strong start and promising technology, some traders are hopeful that it could replicate Dogecoin’s success. Ultimately, becoming a serious player in the cryptocurrency market.

WienerAI Lucrative Staking Rewards Draws in Traders

WienerAI also offers presale investors a unique opportunity to earn significant rewards by allowing them to stake their tokens immediately, even before the presale officially ends. By staking their tokens, investors have the chance to earn rewards over two years, providing them with a passive income stream that can add value to their investment in WienerAI.

Currently, the staking APY is at 488%, but this could go down over time. This means early bird investors will enjoy the highest yields. This highlights the project’s commitment to rewarding and engaging its community, affectionately named the Sausage Army. Already, there are almost 9,000 X (Twitter) followers.

The team also has plans for a large marketing push involving key opinion leaders that will expand the Sausage Army even further. The project plans to achieve long-term, sustainable growth, which the trading bot will propel to greater success.

The token is available to purchase at the low price of $0.000708 on the presale website. However, this presale is tiered, and the price is set to rise in just two days. This means investors looking for the best possible price and the highest staking rewards have a limited period to buy their tokens.

To buy $WAI, head to the presale website and connect your wallet using the widget. You can buy $WAI tokens with ETH, USDT, BNB, or card. However, investors should be aware that tokens purchased with BNB won’t be able to stake their tokens and will miss out on the high APY.

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