Cross-Chain Meme Token Dogeverse Raises $10 Million in Trending Crypto ICO

Joshua Ramos

The crypto market’s latest meme sensation is beginning to attract mainstream attention.

Dogeverse (DOGEVERSE), the world’s first cross-chain meme token, has just passed $10 million during its initial coin offering (ICO) as investors scramble for exposure before its exchange debut.

Dogeverse Presale Heats Up as Countdown Begins to Exchange Listings

The Dogeverse ICO shows no signs of cooling as this collision of blockchain tech and meme culture hits another major milestone.

And investors are scooping up DOGEVERSE tokens at the low price of $0.000301 while they can.

Fueling this early momentum is sheer accessibility.

Buyers can load up on DOGEVERSE using ETH, USDT, and even credit/debit cards – bypassing crypto’s usual complexities.

However, the current ICO stage will end in just 24 hours, and then a slightly higher-priced round will kick off.

This means there’s only a limited time to buy in at $0.000301 before the price jumps, marking a crucial window of opportunity for investors.

Moreover, with the presale’s hard cap set at $17 million, only 41% of the token allocation remains.

As the countdown to Dogeverse’s market debut ticks on, one thing is clear – the token has tapped into investors’ demand for meme coins with real utility.

Exploring the Dogeverse – How Does the DOGEVERSE Token Work?

It’s easy to see why Dogeverse has crypto degens so excited.

It isn’t just another meme coin – it’s a “chain traveling” Doge token designed to unite meme coin communities across Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, BNB Chain, and more.

Cosmo, the intergalactic Shiba Inu mascot, is at the heart of the project.

As the story goes, Cosmo was born from a collapsing supernova and possesses the ability to “hyperjump” between blockchains.

His voyages across Ethereum and Solana have led to the creation of the Dogeverse ecosystem itself.

Now, Cosmo is sharing that superpower so that DOGEVERSE holders can freely travel between networks.

Thanks to seamless bridging tech, swapping this token between six major chains is just a few clicks away with minimal fees.

No more operating on single blockchains – meme coin investors can finally go multi-chain.

Unsurprisingly, Dogeverse’s eye-catching setup has drawn praise.

YouTube analyst TodayTrader released a video earlier this month which went viral and received over 42,000 views.

In the video, TodayTrader discussed why he believes DOGEVERSE could have “1000x potential” once listed on exchanges.

Although this forecast is wildly optimistic, it shows the level of hype swirling around Dogeverse right now.

Dogeverse’s Team Believes the Future of Meme Coins is Cross-Chain

While the meme coin space was once dismissed as a joke, projects like Dogeverse signal a culture shift.

Meme coins are going mainstream, catching the attention of retail and institutional investors alike.

This growing acceptance is evident in the listings of meme tokens on top exchanges.

Coinbase launched PEPE perpetual futures earlier this week due to immense investor demand, and will also offer WIF futures too.

Dogeverse, however, aims to take this movement one step further by focusing on interconnectivity.

As the first cross-chain meme asset, DOGEVERSE represents a completely new way of thinking.

The implications of this could be profound.

Investors could easily swap their DOGEVERSE tokens between Ethereum and Solana to exploit DeFi opportunities.

Or they could provide liquidity across multiple chains to maximize returns.

Thus, by leveraging protocols like Wormhole, Dogeverse is positioning itself as the first mover in what could be a new wave of cross-chain meme tokens.

All in all, with an exchange listing in the pipeline, things could be about to get very real for DOGEVERSE and its holders.

If the development team can execute a successful launch, DOGEVERSE might just become the market’s next breakout meme coin.

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