Adds Auto Top-up Feature for Its Visa Card

Vignesh Karunanidhi Adds Auto Top-up Feature for Its Visa Card
Source: is one of the oldest global cryptocurrency exchanges. Since its inception in 2016, the exchange has come a long way. The platform lets users buy and sell over 250+ cryptocurrencies using over 20+ fiat currencies.

The exchange spans over 90 countries with over 50 million global users. It also has a Visa card that rewards users with 5% cashback on their spending. It keeps bringing new features to its card. In the latest updates, it adds a feature for users to automatically top-up their Visa cards.’s new feature available to US, Australian, and Brazilian users

As per the details from the announcement, the auto top-up feature is available to users from the United States, Australia, and Brazil. This allows cardholders from the respective regions to enable auto top-up for their Visa cards. This helps to ensure that they never miss out on any future payments.

Using their crypto wallets, users can now top-up their Visa card. They can also preset the top-up amounts and alter them whenever they wish to. Users who reside outside these areas will soon receive the feature as per the details from the announcement.

The exchange recently announced that it would be offering Google Pay and Apple Pay to its Canadian users. Users in the area who use the exchange’s Visa cards are now able to use Google Pay and Apple Pay.

The most recent blog post by the company went into further detail about how to add the card. Users just have to upload their Visa card information to their Apple Wallet in order to access this service. Apple Watch users using iOS were also able to access this service.

Similar steps were required for Android users to enter their card information into Google Pay. Users might utilize the service after submitting an SMS OTP for verification.