to Accept Apple Pay in the U.S


The foremost crypto exchange and payments company, has made a significant change to its current payment pattern as it has now incorporated Apple Pay as an acceptable mode of payment.

According to the statement, the acceptance of Apple Pay, a popular mobile payment solution that comes built-in on all Apple iPhones, would currently be available for users within the United States.

The statement noted that this became inevitable because the feature would be rolled out progressively and other countries would have similar access in the nearest future.

Further details regarding the feature indicate that for users in the US to access it, they would first need to first add their debit or credit card to the Apple Wallet on their iPhone.

After doing this, users can then access Apple’s payment app to make payments for crypto purchases.

Coinbase, another leading crypto exchange enabled Apple Pay payments for its users in the United States last year., alongside several crypto companies, has been affected by the current market downturn. The company revealed that it was laying off 260 workers because of the current market situation. Other Updates

Recall that in May last year, the foremost crypto app in Cronos announced an update to its Visa Card Rewards program.

The new update took effect this month. Immediately after, users claimed there was a change in the rate of cashback on the app. Foremost among these changes was the introduction of a monthly CRO Card rewards cap.

Another major change was the change of the app’s staking rewards. An instance of this can be found in how holders of Ruby Steel Card holders with active staking started receiving 0.5% cashback in CRO on their spending. This represents a reduction of almost 300 percent fo the 2 percent from the previous year.