Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 – What to expect from Saitama, Shibnobi, and Impact XP

Saif Naqvi
Dubai Crypto Expo

The second edition of the Crypto Expo Dubai is set to feature over 100 crypto firms showcasing a variety of digital asset products and services ranging from NFTs to DeFi applications. Prominent names include Impact XP, Saitama, and Shibnobi – each of which has been making headlines throughout January and February. With the event due to begin in two days, here are some important launches to look forward to.

Impact XP

2022 is already shaping to be a great year for Impact XP. The project bagged a Bitmart listing in January soon after a 600% rally got investors rushing to exchanges in anticipation of further gains. A promo for the event, made by @Saitainformer, highlighted a variety of topics that could be covered by the Impact XP team.

Perhaps the standout announcement would pertain to the project’s play-to-earn metaverse game, details of which have been concealed before the expo begins. However, several members of the community believe that the blockchain-based game is a step in the right direction, especially considering the ever-increasing popularity of metaverse-related concepts.


The Saitama team provides a daily update on its preparation for the Crypto Expo Dubai, most of which can be found on the Twitter handles of @saitamaguru1, @InuSaitama, and @Saitainformer.

The team recently shared photos of shirts donning the Under Armor and Saitama logos. Apart from the innovations in hard wallet SaitaMask, more information is expected to be shared on the NFT launchpad ‘SaitaMaker’ and Saitama Studious. COO Armand also teased the possibility of a desktop version of SaitaMask before the event’s official launch.


Shibnobi (SHINJA) price may have gone under the radar over the past month or so but the team has stuck to its guns. SHINA acquired a listing on BKEX Global- a crypto trading platform that has risen to prominence in less than a year. An exact timeline regarding the Shibnobi wallet, DojoSwap and virtual reality platform Shibnobi Dojoverse are could be revealed during the event. So far, Q2-2022 has been set as the tentative launch date for the Shibnobi wallet, while the greatly anticipated DojoSwap is set to launch during Q1-2022.