Crypto Traders Think This New Gaming Token Could Give 10x Gains In 2024

Joshua Ramos

Crypto casinos have rapidly become one of the most popular forms of web3 gaming, with GambleFi becoming one of the highest-grossing sectors in the crypto space. While other parts of web3 gaming are struggling to see the same returns as the broader crypto market, new users are constantly flooding into crypto casinos.

That’s why some crypto traders have high hopes for a newly launched gaming token from Mega Dice casino. The Mega Dice token is currently in presale and has already surged past the $400,000 mark in just a week. The token’s high rewards and overall utility have attracted interest from across the crypto landscape.

Mega Dice is already a well-established casino with 10,000 active monthly players and over 4,000 games. Now, it’s expanding its ecosystem with a new token that rewards active players.

Mega Dice Token’s Rewards and Utility Draw Attention

Many analysts have pointed to Mega Dice Token’s host of exclusive benefits and rewards, as well as utility to casino players, as signs of its potential for long-term success. The token grants holders exclusive access and benefits within the Mega Dice Casino.

Those who stake their Mega Dice tokens will receive payouts from the casino based on how the casino performs. With over $50 million wagered every month, this could turn into a lucrative source of passive income for holders. Some early bird investors will also be given exclusive Mega Dice NFTs granting them VIP access and privileges.

There’s also a referral program where token holders who refer their friends will net themselves a 10% revenue share from anyone who uses their unique referral code. And not just once — this rev-share can be enjoyed in perpetuity.

Casino players will be able to earn $DICE tokens while they play casino games. Additionally, presale participants can join the three upcoming airdrops. Each airdrop is valued at $750,000, and to take part, players need to reach wager quotas and actively play in the casino.

Highest Potential GameFi Token on Solana

Solana has been one of the clear winners of this year’s bull run. Indeed, Solana DeFi trading reached a new all-time high at the start of April 2024. While much of this popularity has focused on meme coins, these speculative coins can’t always hold the attention — or finances — of traders. Therefore, many are now looking for tokens with more utility and the potential for sustainable growth.

$DICE looks poised to capitalize on this new trend, combining the growth in crypto casinos with the popularity of Solana tokens. Crypto analysts are predicting this to be a recipe for success with the potential for 10x or even 100x returns.

Those interested in the Mega Dice Token can get it at the low price of $0.069 currently. However, this could rise significantly once the presale ends.

Presale investors will get bonus $DICE tokens, too, adding to their investment. They’ll also be able to start staking tokens before the presale ends. Once it ends, holders will be able to claim their tokens on the same day as it’s listed on exchanges.

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