Crypto Wallet Password Recovery: How to Recover Your Wallet Address Password

Vinod Dsouza
crypto wallet address password recovery
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There are high chances of losing all your assets if you’ve forgotten your crypto wallet address password. The chances to recover your wallet password are slim but are not impossible to retrieve. Below are multiple steps you can use to retrieve your lost or forgotten crypto wallet address password. The steps can help you find your wallet password before it gets lost forever.

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Why Is Recovering Wallet Password Tough?

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The truth is there is no way a user can recover a forgotten or lost crypto wallet address password. In any other accounts, (for example Gmail, Facebook, Twitter among others) clicking ‘forgot password’ or contacting customer care can get your account back. Unfortunately, the same and easy way to retrieve your password is not possible with a crypto wallet address.

For example, the most popular crypto wallet Meta Mask, will not store the password that you keyed in while joining. Therefore, there is no possible way to decrypt, reset or retrieve it. All crypto wallets function similarly and store no passwords of their users in their backend database.

So what next? Below is the way you can recover your crypto wallet address password all by yourself.

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How To Recover Crypto Wallet Address Password

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The first and foremost step to recovering your crypto wallet address password is to key in all possible ‘password combinations’. You will have certain phrases that you usually use as ‘passwords’ and type all of them patiently. This includes the capitalization of certain letters and adding numerical and symbols. You can write down the most common passwords you use on a paper/phone/laptop and key in all of them one by one.

A relentless combination of ‘possible passwords’ can retrieve your lost crypto wallet address and give you access to your portfolio.

If this method didn’t work out, you can try to retrieve using your seed phrase. The seed phrase which is also called the recovery phase is a set of 12-unique words that the wallet asked you to write down on a piece of paper or store in a secured device when you first signed up on the platform. Search for that piece of paper or browse your device to see if the seed phrase is handy.

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If both the methods are not working for you, the final option is to contact a third-party app. There are many apps on the internet that claim to recover your forgotten crypto wallet address password. However, the third-party apps take a cut of your wallet assets after they recover the password.

The point to be noted is that the third-party apps use the same techniques we mentioned to recover your password. The risk in contacting them is they will know all your ‘possible passwords’ and have access to your crypto wallet. Therefore it is advised not to reach the third option to retrieve your lost crypto wallet address password.