Crypto Youtuber BitBoy Sues a Peer for Hurting His Reputation

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Ben Armstrong Sues Ex-Colleagues Over Alleged Stolen Lambo
Source: Entrepreneur

Crypto Youtube influencer Ben Armstrong, aka “Bitboy Crypto,” sued a fellow influencer for allegedly defaming the Youtuber and causing him anxiety. The details of the lawsuit were reported by Law360 on Monday. The lawsuit was charged against Erling Mengshoel for his alleged defamatory claims. In a video that was released in November 2021, Erling Mengshoel claimed that Bitboy scammed his audience by promoting scams.

Erling’s channel, which goes by the name Atozy, dropped the 11-minute video on November 9, 2021. He claimed that Bitboy is a “shady dirtbag” that milks the audience for a quick buck. Atozy also stated that Bitboy could not be trusted for his financial advice.

Bitboy claims that Atozy negatively impacted his business

Armstrong said that Erling Mengshoel, an influencer, had a negative effect on his commercial relationships as Erling accused him of promoting crypto scams and pumping micro-cap coins.

Armstrong hasn’t been happy about that. In his lawsuit, he noted Atozy’s public criticism and objected to the terms “shady dirtbag” and “dirtbag YouTuber.” According to the lawsuit, Atozy’s video gave the impression that Armstrong was being paid by scammers to sell bitcoin to “suckers” who wanted to buy it.

“It’s basically inevitable the SEC is going to get involved because dirtbags like this cannot resist the urge to take that quick buck and just milk their audience for some extra money,”said Atozy in the video.

Armstrong claims in his lawsuit that Atozy’s attack had a major negative impact on his company since it caused a decline in his following, hurt his reputation, and gave him a lot of anxiety. The lawsuit seeks compensatory, general, and special damages for defamation and for causing emotional distress.

It’s not the first time that BitBoy has been taken as a subject. On-chain crypto sleuth Zachxbt had tweeted about BitBoy with a charge sheet of his promotional charges and also called him out for his various scam promotions.