Cryptocurrency: 3 Coins To Explore Over XRP For Bullish Returns 

Juhi Mirza
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The cryptocurrency market is growing exponentially, with new coins emerging and proving their mettle. However, these new coins are yet to trump the reliability of old crypto gems that are poised to gain better momentum sooner rather than later.

For instance, community sentiment concerning XRP has mellowed down in the last year. While Ripple is bound to recover its lost valuation, experts suggest it may take a while for the coin to achieve a robust price threshold.

In the meantime, here are the three latest coin suggestions besides XRP that may deliver stellar returns this bull season.

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Three Coins Poised to Deliver Bullish Returns

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Image Source: WatcherGuru

Cryptocurrency #1: Cardano

The anticipation building around ADA is spreading like wildfire. The palpable energy that several crypto experts have been pouring into ADA suggests that Cardano boasts a stunning portfolio that is worth an investor’s efforts and time.

Cardano recently won the Best L1 Blockchain Award in Dubai. ADA is ready to embrace the Chang Fork integration, which is set to fuel its interoperability and help address scalability issues. The token may gain momentum as community sentiments and consciousness towards ADA are rising on a meteoric level.

According to Coinpedia, ADA may note a spike to climb to the $0.55 price mark by the end of April. Similarly, the end of 2024 could usher in a new price pedestal for Cardano, doubling its prices to hit $1.34.

“Currently trading at $0.46, the Cardano coin price brings a buying opportunity as it may soon cross $1 and reach the $1.5 mark. Therefore, with a bull run in 2024, Cardano prices are expected to create a new swing high of $2.02. The ADA prices could settle down to $1.37 by the end of 2024 due to exhaustion.”

Cryptocurrency #2: Solana

Solana has holistically led the 2024 bull cycle. The blockchain has noted a stark increase in its usage, outperforming giants like Ethereum and Bitcoin in terms of daily active address metrics.

The blockchain is also encountering a surge in presale projects that have been a major force driving SOL’s value up a notch. Additionally, the Solana Blockchain underwent a major bug fix on April 15 that directly addressed its issues related to frequent shutting or crashing down of the system.

The network may note a surge of new users post the bug fix deployment, primarily attracted by Solana’s low-cost, effective transaction methodology. The price of SOL will directly benefit from this change, delivering stellar returns to its holders.

According to Coinpedia, Solana might rise to trade at $500 by the end of 2024.

“If Solana manages to sail across the challenges of the crypto-verse while fixing the consensus issues, SOL prices can end in 2024 at a high of $500. On the flip side, if the sentiments fail to improve, the altcoin could settle at $90.”

Cryptocurrency #3: Toncoin

Toncoin is another major player in this bull season, raking in profits at a rapid pace. One of the biggest price boosts for toncoin comes from its utility being attached to Telegram. TG is a popular instant messaging app that uses TON as an advertising revenue source. This development may also boost prospects for TON to gain better market momentum.

In an interview with Tucker Carlston, Telegram’s CEO Pavel Durov openly shared how he holds a “few hundred million dollars” worth of BTC. Similarly, Durov has openly backed Toncoin, adding that it’s set to acclimatize and change the crypto outlook for the better. Toncoin has also been expanding its partnerships and alliances to secure better use cases and integrations.

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According to CoinMarketCap, Toncoin may spike by $9–$10 this bull season.

“Toncoin is following an ascending channel pattern, serving as robust support post-consolidation breakout, suggesting continued bullish sentiment. Toncoin may reach new highs around the 1.236 FIB level at $9, surpassing $8.”