Cryptocurrency: 3 Coins To Hold For Long Profits!

Juhi Mirza
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The cryptocurrency realm, like any other financial space, values consistency and dedication offered by its investors. The realm rewards those who are patient enough for the long haul and may divert those, who are in for a short rush.

The cryptocurrency realm is notorious for its short-rush profits. The phrase barely holds any truth. The crypto vertical like its contemporaries is always striving to deliver long profits, a phenomenon in which the profits of an investor scale over time.

Here are three suggestions that may help you explore and accumulate long-term profits in the cryptocurrency realm.

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Top Crypto Coins To Stack For Long Profits

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Cryptocurrency #1- Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s price pace has been synonymous with the phrase “long profits.” Since its launch in 2008, Bitcoin has grown profusely, outshining many contemporaries in the space to regain ultimate support. According to CoinMarketCap, the token has grown nearly 106152624.53% since its launch in 2008, which makes it an apt coin to stack for long profits.

According to CoinCodex, BTC is expected to spike by 75% to trade at $114k by the end of 2024.

“Bitcoin may trade within a range of $ 66,377 and $ 114,907. If it reaches the upper price target, BTC could increase by 75.07% and reach $ 114,907.”

Cryptocurrency #2- Ethereum

The second largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum or ETH has also shown incredible price traction since its inception in 2015. The token since then has gained nearly 121436.13% in the process.

The token is soon projected to invite a surge of new activity as ETH ETF approvals have stirred the ETH community up a notch. Ethereum is an ideal coin to stack, whose value may grow profusely as time passes by.

According to CoinCodex, Ethereum may spike by 91% making it an attractive choice to explore with an intent to amass long profits.

“Ethereum may trade within a range of $ 3,429.12 and $ 6,609.88. If it reaches the upper price target, ETH could increase by 91.80% and reach $ 6,609.88.”

Cryptocurrency #3- Solana

Solana has been riding the current crypto wave with utter grace as the token keeps on changing values and disseminates profits for good. The token’s meme coin mania surge has done well for the SOL ecosystem, injecting in new volume for the system to bask and thrive in. SOL was launched in 2020 and since then has grown a remarkable 16482.08%

The positive price trajectory of the token makes it an apt crypto coin to explore in the long run

According to CoinCodex, SOL may spike by nearly 141% by the end of 2024.

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“Solana may trade within a range of $ 131.13 and $ 332.14. If it reaches the upper price target, SOL could increase by 141.15% and reach $ 332.14.”