Cryptocurrency: 3 Coins To Majorly Rebound This July

Juhi Mirza
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July is fueling hopes for several cryptocurrency enthusiasts, ushering in the possibility of encountering a new price wave for investors to bask in. The realm is now gearing up to witness the epic rebound of three major crypto tokens, which may disseminate stellar returns to their holders, provided these coins continue to leverage the bullish onset of the market. Keeping the trend in line, here are our top three tokens that are set to encounter major price rebounds in July.

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Three Coins That May Make a Major Comeback in July

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Image Source: WatcherGuru

Cryptocurrency#1- Bitcoin

The month of June was quite sluggish for Bitcoin, as the token witnessed significant downticks in its price. With the Mt Gox BTC FUND outflow, the price of bitcoin was experiencing major price volatility. However, in July, the token is expected to make a major price comeback. July has historically been bullish for BTC, while June has always ushered in new lows for BTC.

According to CoinCodex, Bitcoin may spike and surge by 33% this July, trading at a new peak of $83K.

“The price of Bitcoin is predicted to rise by 33.02% and reach $84,324 by July 31, 2024. Per our technical indicators, the current sentiment is neutral, while the Fear & Greed Index is showing 53 (neutral). Bitcoin recorded 16/30 (53%) green days with 4.87% price volatility over the last 30 days.”

Cryptocurrency #2: Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu token is also witnessing a sharp price decline. The token has noted a 33% price fall in its valuation and is currently trading at a price level of $0.0000172. The token has historically touched new price highs in July, which makes it a particularly lucrative month for SHIB in terms of its valuation and price.

In addition to this, notable crypto exchange Coinbase is also launching SHIB futures in July, which may help SHIB note a new price high. At the same time, the blockchain version of Shiba Eternity will also help SHIB scale its momentum, ushering in a major rebound for the token.

According to CoinCodex, Shiba Inu may surge up to 68% by July 8, claiming a new price high in the process.

“The Shiba Inu price forecast for the next 30 days is a projection based on the positive /negative trends. SHIB will be changing hands at $0.00002877 on July 8, 2024, gaining 64.99% in the process.”

Cryptocurrency #3: Cardano

ADA has long been hovering at lower price ranges of $0.30–$0.48. However, in a recent development, Cardano is also set to undergo its much-awaited Chang Hard fork deployment. The fork integration will bring in governance options for ADA users to access and avail of. This major reboot may play a pivotal role in triggering ADA’s price, which in turn can help the token attain a new price.

According to CoinCodex, ADA may peak to trade at the $0.45 level in July.

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“The Cardano price prediction for next week is between $0.378931 on the lower end and $0.433745 on the high end. The price of Cardano may increase by 14.47% and reach $0.433745 by July 15, 2024.

However, once the fork deployment begins, the price of ADA may show variation in its price and may trade at higher price ranges than predicted by technical portals.