Cryptocurrency: Analyst Shares Top 10 Coins To Buy The Dip

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Cryptocurrency: Analyst Shares Top 10 Coins To Buy The Dip

Renowned cryptocurrency analyst Michaël van de Poppe has taken to X to share his top 10 altcoin picks that he believes offer tremendous buying opportunities. Van de Poppe emphasized in a tweet thread that these market corrections are the times when investors make money, not when everything is booming.

The analyst began by noting that the altcoin market capitalization has seen a correction, which ultimately leads to dip buying opportunities. However, he also pointed out that when looking at the broader scope of things, the correction is not significant, and there is still way more to gain in the market.

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Van de Poppe highlighted that Bitcoin (BTC) valuations are consolidating, and more importantly, Bitcoin dominance is peaking. This trend, along with the significant undervaluation of many altcoins in their BTC valuations, is consistent with the patterns seen in previous market cycles.

Top 10 Coins to Watch

Van de Poppe then delved into his top 10 altcoin picks, starting with Chainlink (LINK). He noted that Chainlink’s valuation is currently at a cycle low and has dropped by around 40% since its recent peak, presenting a massive opportunity for cryptocurrency investors to step in.

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Next on the list is Celestia (TIA), a relatively new project that van de Poppe believes could be a massive gainer in this cycle. With a 61% drop since its recent peak, the analyst sees this as an ideal time to show interest in the project.

Other notable mentions include Arbitrum (ARB), which has seen a massive unlock in the previous month, resulting in sell pressure; Polkadot (DOT), which is still at a cycle low valuation; and Cosmos (ATOM), which van de Poppe considers to be one of the most undervalued projects in the market.

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The analyst also highlighted several DeFi-related projects, such as dYdX (DYDX) and WOO Network (WOO), which he expects to see a strong surge in the coming period. Additionally, he mentioned SEI Network (SEI) and Covalent (CQT) as newer projects that could potentially outperform in the upcoming cycle.

While the current market dip may concern some investors, van de Poppe’s analysis suggests that these corrections present valuable opportunities for those looking to invest in promising altcoin projects.