Cryptocurrency Can Never Dethrone The US Dollar, Experts Suggest

Juhi Mirza
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As the US economy shows signs of degradation with rising US debt metrics in the mix, the US dollar is bearing the implications of it all. The USD is now being dubbed a currency slowly inching towards its demise. With countries ready to gnaw at the US dollar’s reserve currency status, the American currency is now scouring in a volatile arena, with its competitors closing in hard and fast.

Despite the plummeting data numbers and metrics, financial giant Morgan Stanley has backed the US dollar. The institution’s financial strategists are of the view that the USD is hard to outpace. The experts have stressed how the USD’s so-called “alternatives” will never get ahead of it, irrespective of changing economic narratives.

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Cryptocurrency Will Never Replace The US Dollar

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With Bitcoin touching new price highs, the discussions surrounding BTC replacing the US dollar have gained incredible traction in recent times. The US dollar has lost nearly 95% of its purchasing value since the 1970s, while BTC has always gained its valuation through consistent efforts and determination.

Such parallels have given birth to a phenomenon where US dollar alternatives have come up in the narrative. These alternatives are possibly assets or investments that help an investor secure stable returns, which the US dollar is not able to disseminate as of late due to its volatile nature and weakening economic statistics.

Cryptocurrency, or Bitcoin, has often been dubbed an equal competitor to the US dollar, with multiple experts often portraying BTC as an alternative to the USD.

However, experts at Morgan Stanley are presenting a new outlook, backing the US dollar’s legitimacy. David Adams, Morgan Stanley’s head of G10 FX strategy, shared how Bitcoin is too volatile to be considered a true replacement for the US dollar.

“If I’m holding a crypto coin that rises, say, 10% a month, I’m less likely to use that for trading. Instead just hoard it in my wallet to benefit from its price appreciation. Now, reasonable people can disagree about whether cryptocurrencies are going to appreciate or depreciate. But I’d argue that the best outcome for a dominant currency is neither.”

The experts later reiterated how it takes a considerable amount of time, possibly decades, for people to acknowledge a currency’s true legitimate status. Bitcoin being the newest frontrunner in the space may not accurately be dubbed a “haven” for investors in the long run.

Fallen Fortunes: USD’s Demise?

The US economy is presently suffering through a crackdown. The rising US debt numbers put more pressure on the US, triggering the US dollar to spiral further down.

Per Zerohedge, the inflation that has gripped America has not dipped after 2021. As a result, the US economy is now experiencing a whopping surge in its overall prices, a hike of nearly 19.4% in less than 4 years.

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“Inflation has not fallen in a single month since January 2021, according to Zerohedge. This means that overall prices are up over 19.5% in less than 4 years. That is an average of 5.5% per year, effectively wiping out one-fifth of the US dollar’s purchasing power. We have not had a year-over-year inflation print below 3% in 37 consecutive months. Inflation is now building on previous years of inflation; we effectively have compounding inflation. How is this a “strong” economy?”