Data Breach: US Bank Exposes Customers Name, Acc Number, Date of Birth

Vinod Dsouza
US Truist Bank Data Breach

A leading local bank from North Carolina has come under intense scrutiny for exposing personal details of its customers. A class-action lawsuit has now been pressed against the Truist Bank for alleged identity theft. A plaintiff accused the US bank of a data breach and failing to safeguard its customer’s personal information.

According to the lawsuit, North Carolina-based Truist Bank exposed customers’ full names, account numbers, and date of birth. In addition, the US bank’s data breach shows that customer’s bank account numbers, transaction history, and balances being compromised.

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The lawsuit accuses the US bank of negligence in the data breach that was “foreseeable and preventable”. Truist Bank “intentionally, willfully, and recklessly” failed to secure customer’s data by not initiating adequate measures to protect its systems. This led to unauthorized access exposing customer’s data while hackers stole personal identity.

The plaintiff wrote that victims of the US bank data breach now remain vulnerable to financial scams and hacks. Identity theft is also a serious crime that could remove the safety net against their bank accounts from bad actors.

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“Defendant could have prevented this Data Breach by, among other things, properly encrypting or otherwise protecting their equipment and computer files containing PII (personally identifying information),” read the lawsuit against the US bank for data breach.

US Bank Data Breach

Truist Bank US Data Breach

The class-action lawsuit seeks an injunction to push the US bank to undertake a comprehensive revamp of its cybersecurity program. The lawsuit is also seeking the court to make Truist Bank comply and pay punitive damages for the breach. It includes covering of litigation fees and other costs as allowed by the rule of law.

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Truist Bank is the eighth biggest commercial bank in the US with $526.714 billion in consolidated assets. Therefore, the data breach from the US bank is now being taken seriously by the courts to prevent further scams.