Dave Portnoy Tells SafeMoon to Shut the F—uck Up

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Dave Portnoy Tells SafeMoon to Shut the F*uck Up
Source: CoinMarketBag

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool, held an emergency press conference on Twitter and dropped a video on Safemoon.

Dave Portnoy said, “SafeMoon is quite famous for its slow rug pull and paying celebrities to promote their shitcoin.”

Dave begins the video by saying ” Emergency conference time” and follows up with, “I don’t even know if it’s an emergency.” Well, that’s quite the way to begin. He reminded everyone that before 6 to 8 months, he had held a press conference where he stated that he wanted to buy a ‘shitcoin.’

Dave was quite sick of seeing all the coins go up and wanted to look for an alternative shitcoin to dump his money. He mentioned that he didn’t know anything about these coins and wanted to select a coin out of the hat.

“It could be a scam or it could make a quadrillion dollar, I don’t f*uckin know.”

Dave Portnoy chose SafeMoon, among others

Dave dropped $40,000 on SafeMoon, and he tweeted about it. Ever since that, people started saying that he was paid to promote SafeMoon. He said that he wasn’t paid to promote SafeMoon and that his $40,000 investment went to nothing.

“I put in $40,000 and it was all the way to $4,000. I have diamond hands and I’m holding it forever.”

Dave was a speaker at the Bitcoin conference in Miami, and some of the team members of SafeMoon tried to talk to Dave. He outright neglected them by implying that he didn’t want to speak to them.

Dave Portnoy accused safemoon of an ongoing lawsuit

“Not to mention the ongoing lawsuit against Jake Paul, Tyga, and a few other celebrities who were paid to promote SafeMoon. The celebrities were either given free SafeMoons to promote or lure their community into buying them. And gradually, the project slowly rug pulled and left the investors with nothing but loss.”, Dave Portnoy said in his video.

He added to his conversation that he bought SafeMoon on his own and hadn’t talked to anybody from the project, nor was he paid. In response to showing an outright rejection to speak to the SafeMoon team, they sent an email to Dave Portnoy’s marketing team.

“Hey Kelly, our team spoked today at the Bitcoin conference 2022 and wanted to follow up here. He mentioned that SafeMoon loss is on air but failed to mention that he hasn’t updated his holdings to V2 yet. His comments give our company a bad look and unfair representation. Especially coming from one of the famous public figures speaking at the conferenc this week. We appreciate the publicity, but asks he update his coins. We offer our support and quick and easy process if you need it.”

E-mail sent by the SafeMoon sales team

He was flooded with messages to upgrade his SafeMoon, and at last, he went on to upgrade it. Wanna guess what happened? His $4,000 turned into $100.

Source: Dave Portnoy Twitter

Dave said that you shouldn’t have to do 19 different things to keep your money. Once you deposit it, it should be done.

Dave concluded his video by saying a few kind words:

“SafeMoon, Shut the F—uck Up. I converted and I got 100 bucks now. Happy? or did I misrepresent that too?”

In one of his recent tweets that just dropped an hour back, Dave said that his SafeMoon is back.