Degen Investors Swarm To SCRAT As DOGWIFHAT And BONK Are Tanking

Joshua Ramos

With most OG meme coins taking a huge hit in the past week, degens investors started looking for new opportunities to secure their bags. And what better place to look for than Solana? With a strong community of dedicated investors and new projects popping up all the time, SOL is the place to be if you’re dreaming of landing your next 100x. Amid the sea of projects, one token stands out as a unique opportunity.

Meet $SCRAT, the half-squirrel, half-rat bag chaser that recorded a trading volume of $28 million in the last 24 hours and has surpassed a $90 million market cap. Keep reading to discover how $SCRAT continues to surge in a market where everything else seems to be declining.

Scrat ($SCRAT): Surpassing a $90 Million Market Cap in Less Than 24 Hours

Scrat is a new Solana-based meme coin with a unique story. This squirrel-rat hybrid was once one of the richest creatures in the world. A tragic accident has led Scrat to lose his bag. Instead of giving up, our friendly rodent went through various trials and tribulations to recover what’s rightfully his. His motto? Never give up.

Scrat’s dedication and ambition are helping him quickly gather a community of devoted members who support his mission of recovering his bag. Further, Scrat also enjoys the help of a strong founding team of crypto degens with years of meme coin experience. This led to listings on CMC, Lbank, and Jupiter in less than 12 hours. It has also come with an application already submitted for Coin Gecko.

From its quirky storyline and strong founding team to its impressive early performance, SCRAT has all the elements to become the next 100x meme play. Don’t forget that time is of the essence, and the sooner you get it, the bigger your bag will be. Thus, it’s no wonder that degens worldwide are flocking to get in on the action as quickly as possible.

Dogwifhat ($WIF): From 100x returns to a 40% decline

dogwifhat wif cryptocurrency

Launched at the beginning of 2023, Dogwifhat is a community-focused meme coin built on Solana. The token quickly became the 4th biggest project by market cap in the meme sector. In classic degen fashion, Dogwifhat started attracting mainstream attention when an early buyer secured a 100x, turning $1,000 into $100,000 at the beginning of January. The meme coin $WIF maintained its growth, reaching an ATH of $4.80 on April 1st

Since then, the project has kept declining, with the WIF price currently hovering around the $1.60 mark. Unfortunately, the possibility of a comeback doesn’t seem to be in the cards for Dogwifhat. The crypto registered a 41% decline in price over the last month. Thus, it should come as no surprise that smart investors started to look for new, undervalued projects that can result in some serious returns.

Bonk ($BONK): Solana’s first dog-themed token keeps going down

BONK Surges 31%, How High Can The Meme Coin Go In 2024?

Launched on December 25, 2022, $BONK became Solana’s first dog-themed meme coin. Initially, 50% of its supply was randomly airdropped to NFT collectors, developers, and artists on the Solana mainnet community, leading to a 34% increase in SOL’s price in less than 48 hours.

The main objective of the team behind BONK was to bring back liquidity to Solana-based DEXs and create a community coin that will be used across Solana’s entire dApps ecosystem. All of this contributed to BONK’s title as the best-performing crypto asset in 2023 based on return percentages, with some of the most impressive surges in the industry.

BONK reached its ATH at the end of May when the token price hit $0.00004361. However, since reaching its ATH, the token has dropped by over 40% in the past month, leaving Bonk’s future uncertain. Thus, similarly to WIF, experienced meme coin traders suggest that it is best to bet on undervalued gems that have the potential to become the next BONK or WIF.


As the meme coin market faces a bearish trend, investors started looking for new projects with the potential for a 100x payday. Among the existing options, SCRAT stands out by maintaining its growth despite the current bearish trend, making it a no-brainer pick for any experienced degen.

The only question remaining is: will you move fast enough to secure your SCRAT bag?

Invest in $SCRAT today and join the Solana degens!

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