Did Shiba Inu Just Tease a Basketball Related Project?

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: NBA.com

Shiba Inu fans are no strangers to surprises from their favorite token. They have been subjected to many cryptic messages that often lead to great surprises.

Well, one such cryptic message was posted on Discord by lead SHIB developer Shytoshi Kusama. On May 23rd, Kusama entered the Shiba Inu Discord Server and said,

“For THREE. #hint.”

Kusama disappeared after this cryptic message, without any follow-up posts.

Kusama’s comment could mean anything. It could mean that the community should wait for three major announcements, such as the joining of Marcie Jastrow, who previously worked at Technicolor, with expertise in content creation and technology. Followed by two other announcements to be yet made.

However, comments from other members of the Shiba Inu team point to something else entirely. Just 12 minutes after Shytoshi’s hint, Kraken, a member of the Defence Breed, tweeted “3PEAT.” Kraken has a track record of credible teasers, having previously posted teases for “CK1” that was proved to be the announcement of Shiba Inu’s lawyer.

Additionally, Kraken changed his profile picture on Twitter to an image of Kuki, who is number three on the show “Kids Next Door”, holding out three fingers under her long sleeves.

3PEAT is a sports term for winning a championship three consecutive times. It refers to the Los Angeles Lakers’ first attempt to win three consecutive NBA championships, between 2000 and 2002.

Additionally, Kraken shared a GIF of Golden State Warriors player Kevin Durant before uploading 3PEAT. This GIF from the NBA is marked “#forthree” while glancing at the tags.

It could be speculated that the Shiba Inu team is teasing a collaboration with a Basketball player or team. It might be about potential sponsorships, a new NFT collection, the Shiba metaverse, or anything else inside the SHIB ecosystem, like with prior prospective partnerships.

Shiba Inu has had a wide array of collaborations, and this could just be another one of those. However, it could also be something entirely different. As of now, the Shib Army will just have to wait and watch.