Does 99 Cent Only Store Accept EBT?

Does 99 Cent Only Store Accept EBT?

Guide: Does the 99 Cent Only Store accept EBT?

Are you a huge fan of the 99-cent store? They are found nationwide and are packed with so many everyday essentials. From toys to personal hygiene, who wouldn’t love a good 99-cent store shopping spree?

But what about us who use EBT to make ends meet? Today, we’ll answer, “Does the 99 Cent Only Store Accept EBT?”. Keep reading to find out.

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Does 99 Cent Only Store Accept EBT?

Does the 99 Cent Only Store accept EBT?

Yes, the 99-cent store does accept EBT. To be clear, you do have to remember that you can only use EBT on qualifying food purchases. So, if you plan to buy something to wear or cleaning products, this won’t work. However, if you’re tight on cash while you’re looking for work and need to grab some food to put something on the table, you’re totally in the clear.

What payment methods does the 99 Cent store accept?

The good news is that the 99 Cent store accepts all major cards, including American Express, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard. So, let’s say that you’re sitting within your budget and have access to both some credit cards and EBT.

The best plan of attack to stretch your budget would be to make a list of all the food you need to survive the next couple of weeks. Then use your EBT card to purchase the food (or as much of it as possible) and then use your other cards to cover other household items like cleaning products and, of course, some random goodies to keep you happy.

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Does 99 Cent Only Store Accept EBT?

Is the 99-cent store 99 cents?

Of course not. There is no way for a store in today’s day and age to survive on just selling $.99 items with inflation and rising costs. So, in the store, you will find items that are indeed just 99 cents. But you will also find fine items ranging upwards of $3.99 or even $5.99, depending on the product.

Does the 99 Cent store accept MasterCard?

Yes, the 99-cent store does indeed accept Mastercard as a form of payment. If you happen to leave your Mastercard at home, however, do not worry. You still have plenty of options.

The company also takes all major credit cards, as mentioned above, which include Visa, American Express, and, of course, Discover. Plus, they take EBT options and, of course, cash.

Does 99 Cent Only Store Accept EBT?


In conclusion, if you are tight on cash and are accepting food assistance via EBT, you are in luck. However, remember that it only applies to certain food items.

If you still need to purchase other household items, like cleaning products, you will need to use another method of payment. Remember that the 99 Cent store does indeed accept all major credit cards and, of course, cash. Happy shopping.