Does Amazon Accept Progressive Leasing?

Joshua Ramos
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Over the last several years, the tendencies of consumers have drastically changed. For most people, online shopping has become the preferred way of obtaining goods, and one of the leaders in that sphere has been Amazon. With the overwhelming prevalence of the platform, understanding what is usable when shopping there has become vitally important. In this guide, we will answer whether Amazon accepts progressive leasing.

According to the most recent statistics, Amazon maintains 310 million active users globally. Although more than 80% of those users are located in the United States, the reality of online shopping prevalence cannot be ignored. Yet, not only has online shopping become prevalent, but so too has the way that consumers pay for their products.

​​How to Speed up Amazon Flex Waiting List?

The modern consumerist landscape features a bevy of payment options for consumers. There are different digital payment options and a host of credit card varieties that can all work to benefit the person shopping. This guide will discuss the integration prospects of Progressive Leasing and Amazon. Specifically, let’s explore what Progressive Leasing is, and whether it can be used on one of the world’s most prominent online marketplaces.

What is Progressive Leasing?

One of the most popular methods of payment is the different buy now, pay later programs on the market. These companies allow users to curtail funds they may not have access to right now and make necessary purchases. Progressive Leasing is a company that offers something similar.

Introduced in 1999, the company is a virtual lease-to-own payment option that provides consumers with lease options. The platform is used to aid people with credit that is less-than-perfect and features an application process.

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If your application is approved, Progressive Learning customers can shop for leasable items at certain stores. When the user locates a purchase that they want to make within the company’s partner list, they make an initial payment. Thereafter, they will be issued another payment 10 days after the item has been received.

The process is an excellent option for those who need funds for necessary purchases, and benefit from leasing models. However, the company also partners with specific companies. This makes the purchasing process a little bit more difficult. Yet, let’s answer whether Progressive Leasing customers can use their funds on Amazon.

Can You Use it on Amazon?

​​How to Speed up Amazon Flex Waiting List?

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Fortunately, Amazon does accept Progressive Leasing. Indeed, the payment platform website, states that users can shop on Amazon with the mobile application. The website states that the online marketplace is featured among its various partnerships.

Along with Amazon, Progressive Leasing partners with popular retailers like Best Buy, Big Lots, Mattress Firm, Guitar Center, Zales, Dell, Samsung, and more. Through the company’s partnership, users can use the Progressive Leasing app to make approved purchases through the online marketplace.