Does Food Lion Sell Postage Stamps?

Does Food Lion Sell Postage Stamps?

Guide: Does Food Lion sell postage stamps?

Picture this…You’re at your local Food Lion grocery store.

You’re in the middle of the dairy aisle, looking for that perfect creamer and you realize that you forgot to send out your electricity bill.

Now, you also realize that you might be out of stamps at home.

So, since you’re at the grocery store that has everything you might wonder, “Does Food Lion Sell Postage Stamps?”

Keep reading to find out.

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Does Food Lion Sell Postage Stamps?

Can you buy food stamps at Food Lion?

The good news is yes, you can purchase stamps at select Food Lion locations.

Although not every single Food Lion you come across will carry stamps, chances are that most will.

So whether you’re in West Virginia or North Carolina, you will most likely find stamps to buy.

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Does Food Lion Sell Postage Stamps?

Buying your stamps

the process of actually purchasing the necessary stamps is pretty straightforward. Unlike other stores, where you might head to the office section, here you’re going to want to stop by their customer service counter.

We’d recommend that once you arrive at a store, to head right to their customer service station which are typically located near the front.

Hopefully, there’s not a big line so you can get in and get out.

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Does Food Lion Sell Postage Stamps?


In conclusion, the next time you remember that you need to mail out a last-minute item and you’re at your local Food Lion, you’re in good hands because you will most likely be able to find stamps there.

Although not all of them, carry stamps, the chances are that your local food stamp, your local Food Lion will have your back.

Happy mailing.