Does Google Pay Charge Fees


Google Pay is a popular online payment service powered by Google. The service is available online and on most platforms and browsers. With the rise of mobile wallets, Google’s payment service has emerged as a popular choice for users looking for a seamless and secure way to make payments.

Here’s what you need to know about charges coming from Google Pay to use it, and if there are any.

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Does Google Pay Charge Fees

Google Pay lets you tap to pay in stores and pay online. The service lets you access other cards, tickets, and more, right from your phone or smart device just by linking them to your account.

According to Google support, Google doesn’t charge any fees for making purchases on Google services like Google Pay or Google Drive. You only pay for your purchases, applicable taxes, and delivery fees.

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If you are purchasing something through one of the Google services, the service you made your order through will be the one to charge your account. Charges appear on your statement as GOOGLE*Seller’s name and usually show up on your statement within a few days of your order’s placement. However, there is no additional fee by Google for using its payment service or purchasing things through Google.

Does the Service Charge Fees for Sending Money?

Furthermore, Google Pay lets you send money to others in the United States and internationally. In the US, there’s no Google Pay fee to send money. However, you’ll need to check with your bank or card provider to see if they have fees for this service. Additionally, Google Pay’s partnership with Wise allows you to send money internationally with limited feeds.