Does In-N-Out Take Apple Pay?

Joshua Ramos
In-N-Out Burger
Source: Los Angeles Times

Apple Pay has emerged as an increasingly popular payment method. Additionally, it has become a viable alternative to traditional debit cards or credit cards. Subsequently, we’re observing which establishments have the capability to accept the new digital payment method. Specifically, does In-N-Out take Apple Pay? 

In-N-Out is a popular fast-food chain with almost 400 locations throughout the United States. Moreover, many ask if it will join fast-food restaurants in accepting mobile payment options, alongside more traditional methods. 

Mobile payments have become immensely popular among modern consumers. So, let’s uncover whether or not In-N-Out Burgers accepts Apple Pay. 

What is IN-N-Out Burger?

In-N-Out Burger
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In-N-Out Burger is an American fast-food restaurant that serves a host of delightful options. Among those are the traditional cheeseburger, french fries, and similar fast food options. Eventually becoming the most popular in the country.

The chain started in 1948 in California, before branching out across a host of states, including Colorado, Texas, Oregon, and more. The chain has become very popular among consumers for its quick service, and high-quality products. Moreover, their expansive menu features a variety of hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and even milkshakes. 

Does In-N-Out Burger Accept Apple Pay?

Apple Pay
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In-N-Out does in fact accept Apple Pay in most of its stores. Moreover, your Apple device can be used to pay for your food in the restaurant and online. Making the process of using Apple Pay even easier.

Specifically, most of their locations on the planet accept Apple Pay. This is perfect for those who would prefer not to use traditional payment methods or a gift card. The restaurant still offers and accepts these payment services alongside the digital option. As well as accepting other mobile payment methods, like Google Pay.

The fast-food franchise first started implementing the digital payment method in 2019. Subsequently, they remain ahead of the curve. Leading competition in the number of stores that accept mobile payment. As well as how long they have offered the payment method 

This is perfect for Apple Pay users due to the benefits of using contactless transactions. These can include cash back on certain purchases and even potential discounts. Thus, showcasing another benefit of its widespread implementation.

How to Use Apple Pay?


Apple Pay is a mobile payment method that is available on all iOS devices. However, you must be enabled on your Apple device before can use it. After verifying that you can use the method at the specific location, accept the terms and conditions. Then, it is straightforward to link the method to credit or debit cards and make purchases. 

Additionally, Apple Pay comes with some impressive technological features that make payments even easier. Those are touch ID and face ID functions. These allow you to use the payment method more easily through the Wallet app. These functions are very easy to use and are done through the link between the card reader and your device.

Moreover, you can even use your Apple Watch to pay. Because the device is compatible with iOS, it is able to work with an NFC card. This confirms the payment of your order, thanks to its being linked to your wallet. 

    Ultimately, the Apple Pay program is an excellent option when paying for goods or services. Moreover, the user interface and ecosystem provide you with ease of use. Thus, allowing you to benefit through its application to establishments like In-N-Out Burger.