Does Kohls Take Apple Pay?

Does Kohls Take Apple Pay?

Does Kohl’s Accept Apple Pay? A Comprehensive Guide

Since its introduction in June 2015, Apple Pay has become an increasingly popular payment option for consumers.

With its convenience and security features, many retailers have embraced this technology to provide a seamless checkout experience for their customers.

One such retailer is Kohl’s, a well-known department store chain in the United States.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore whether Kohl’s accepts Apple Pay, how to use it, and the benefits of using Apple Pay at Kohl’s.

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Does Kohls Take Apple Pay?


In June 2015, this retailer became one of the early adopters of Apple Pay. This partnership allowed Kohl’s customers to make purchases using this payment method at their retail locations.

Since then, Kohl’s has continued to support and expand its Apple Pay integration, offering a convenient and secure payment option for its customers.

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Does Kohls Take Apple Pay?
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How to Use Apple Pay at Kohl’s

Using this payment method at Kohl’s is a simple and straightforward process. To make a purchase, customers can follow these steps:

  • Add Your Card: To use this payment method at Kohl’s, you must first add your Kohl’s Charge Card or other credit or debit cards to your iPhone’s Wallet app.

    This can be done by opening the Wallet app, tapping the “+” button, and following the prompts to add your card.
  • Make a Purchase: When ready to purchase, approach the checkout counter. Look for the contactless payment symbol or the Apple Pay logo.
  • Authenticate Your Payment: To authenticate your payment, use Touch ID or Face ID, depending on your iPhone model.

    Place your finger on the Touch ID sensor or look at your iPhone to authenticate your payment.
  • Complete Your Purchase: Hold your iPhone near the contactless payment reader at the checkout counter once your payment is authenticated.

    You will receive a confirmation on your iPhone and the payment will be completed.
Does Kohls Take Apple Pay?
Source: Apple

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Kohl’s

Using this payment methodat this retailer offers several benefits for customers. Here are some of the advantages you can enjoy:

  • Convenience: Apple Pay provides a seamless and convenient checkout experience. With just a tap of your iPhone, you can complete your purchase securely and quickly.
  • Enhanced Security: Apple Pay uses tokenization technology to protect your payment information. Instead of transmitting your actual card details, Apple Pay assigns a unique token to each transaction, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure.
  • Earn Yes2You Rewards: When you use Apple Pay at Kohl’s, you can simultaneously earn Yes2You Rewards loyalty points. This allows you to accumulate points for future discounts and special offers.
  • Compatibility with Kohl’s Cards: Apple Pay at Kohl’s is not limited to credit and debit cards. You can also add your Kohl’s Charge Card or gift cards to Apple Pay, making it even more convenient to make purchases at Kohl’s.
  • Integration with Apple Watches: You can also use Apple Pay at Kohl’s if you own an Apple Watch. Simply double-click the side button on your Apple Watch and hold it near the contactless payment reader to complete your purchase.

Availability and Expansion of Apple Pay at Kohl’s

This payment method is available at approximately 250 Kohl’s stores in the United States.

However, this retailer plans to expand this payment availability to all its stores nationwide later this month.

This means that Kohl’s customers nationwide can enjoy the convenience and benefits of using this payment method for their purchases.


In conclusion, Kohl’s accepts Apple Pay as a customer payment option.

Adding your Charge Card or other credit and debit cards to Apple Pay allows you to enjoy a seamless and secure checkout experience at these retailer’s locations.

This payment method offers a compelling payment solution for Kohl’s customers with convenience, enhanced security, and the ability to earn Yes2You Rewards.