Does Mark Cuban own Dogecoin?

Does Mark Cuban Own dogecoin?

Mark Cuban Crypto History

Mark Cuban is a business mogul, Shark Tank panellist, owner of Dallas Maverick and a billionaire. He is also a big supporter of cryptocurrencies. In March 2021, his team accepted ticket payment by Dogecoin.

Mark Cuban brags that the Mavericks are the largest merchant of Dogecoin.

The Dallas Mavericks have recorded an increase in sales and payments made by the cryptocurrency. In an effort to support and push the adoption of the coin, Mark Cuban has said that the Mavericks will offer a “Special Pricing Summer Sale” for customers paying with Dogecoin.

Mark Cuban Dogecoin Support

Cuban is publicly supporting this cryptocurrency despite it starting as a meme joke. He says that “Dogecoin is a medium that people can use to acquire products and services.” He also states that “It is the coin that people use for transactions.”

Cuban supports other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin. He calls Ethereum the “digital version of a currency” and Bitcoin “The Digital Gold“, and He thinks bitcoin would work better as a store value than currency. However, since Dogecoin moved from being a meme to being a functional digital currency made it more fun for him to own and support.

Cuban applauded the Doge community in that they strongly support the coin as an instrument of exchange. He stated that its Doge Community attracted the Dallas Mavericks into accepting Doge payments.

Mark Cuban and Dogecoins

Although the billionaire is pushing Dogecoin, he only owns $494 worth of Doge. He announced the Dogecoins he holds in response to a question asked by one of his Twitter followers. In the Tweet, He asked whether Mark Cuban’s crypto portfolio consists of Dogecoin or Bitcoin. Cuban Responded by saying that his portfolio consisted of 60% Bitcoin, 30% Ethereum, and 10% in other different coins. We are assuming that the $494 worth of Dogecoins is part of the 10%. He also stated that his team has $15 000 worth of Dogecoin.

Is Dogecoin a worthwhile investment?


Earlier this year, Mark Cuban introduced his 11-year-old son, Jake, to Dogecoin. His son bought 3,250 dogecoins, whose value was $1,700 at the time. He did this to teach his son about investing.

Cuban also answered the question many people are asking. Is Dogecoin a good investment? Cuban Stated that it might not be the best investment one can make, but the fact that you can buy and trade it on Robinhood With for free makes it worth your money. In addition, He stated that Dogecoin being 26 cents, is very cheap to purchase. Dogecoin being a digital currency, is another reason to invest in it.

The downside to investing in Dogecoin is that it was hard to withdraw Dogecoin from the Robinhood app. Additionally, Dogecoins are also limited to very few transactions in our markets since most people haven’t embraced it.

Mark Cuban has an estimated net worth of $4.3 billion. He owns stocks in Amazon and Netflix. His Amazon stocks being almost a billion dollars in Amazon stock alone. A Twitter follower asked Cuban why he chose to cheer for Dogecoin and not his alternative investments solely.

Cuban replied that because Dogecoin started a joke makes it a unique cryptocurrency to hype.